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Straight from the Lab
EP by Eminem
Released November 7, 2003
Genre Hip hop
Length 41:51
Label Bootleg[1]
Universal Music (Europe)
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Straight From the Lab

Straight from the Lab is the second EP by American rapper Eminem, released in 2003. Though mostly available as a bootleg (as the EP was mainly circulated via the Internet), the collection was commercially released in Europe by Universal Music, with the addition of several unrelated bonus tracks.

Track listing

Track Title Length
1. "Monkey See, Monkey Do"   3:40
2. "We Are Americans"   4:58
3. "Love You More"   4:56
4. "Quitter" (featuring D12) 6:44
5. "Can-I-Bitch"   5:06
6. "Bully"   5:17
7. "Come On In" (featuring D12) 5:56
8. "Hailies Revenge(Doe Rae Me)" (featuring D12 and Obie Trice) 5:14
9. "Nail in the coffin" (featuring Dmx and Obie Trice) 5:11
10. "The Sauce"    

Can-I-Bitch samples "Children's Story" from Slick Rick.

Other Appearences

  • "We Are Americans", retitled to "We As Americans", appeared on a bonus disc packaged with Encore.
  • "Love You More" also appeared on Encore's bonus disc.
  • "Come On In" appeared on D12's second album D12 World retitled as "6 in the Morning".




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