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Stray Dog

Background information
Origin TexasLondon (UK)
Genres heavy blues
Years active 1973 - 1975
Labels Manticore Records
W.G. Snuffy Walden
Les Sampson
Alan Roberts
Tim Dulaine
Luis Cabaza

Stray Dog was a heavy blues-based hard rock band of the early seventies. Their early sound could be described as crunching blues rock typical of the time and place, but was very original and distinct through Snuffy Walden's unique guitar playing. They recorded two albums throughout their career before disbanding around 1975 due to a "combination of drugs, alcohol, and immaturity."

They originally formed in Texas but relocated to London in hopes of making it, since there were many blues rock groups coming out of England at that time. While there, they met Emerson, Lake and Palmer bassist/singer/guitar player Greg Lake, who subsequently signed them to the ELP label Manticore Records. Lake produced three tracks on "Stray Dog", with the band producing the remainder. Austin Godsey co-produced "While You're Down There" with the band.

Tim Dulaine was added on lead vocals and rhythm guitar for the second album,he did most of the songwriting on the album. Keyboardist Luis Cabasa was also added, their additions radically changing the band's sound from pure blues-drenched power trio to a more friendly, pub rock sound.

Sampson was also in another power trio, ROAD, with former Hendrix bassist Noel Redding, and American guitarist Rod Richards. They produced one 1972 album on the Rare Earth label, simply called "Road". Walden went on to write and produce the theme songs for several popular American television programs.


  • W G "Snuffy" Walden - guitar, lead vocals
  • Alan Roberts - bass, keyboards, vocals
  • Les Sampson - drums, percussion

(The above power trio recorded the first LP, "Stray Dog")

  • Tim Dulaine - guitars, lead vocals
  • Luis Cabaza - keyboards, vocals

(Dulaine & Cabaza were added to the lineup for the 2nd LP, "While You're Down There")

Guest appearances


  • Stray Dog (1973) Manticore 66671 - CD (2001) Zoom Club 59
  • Fasten Your Seat Bealts (1973)
  • While You're Down There (1974) Manticore 5011 - CD (2001) Zoom Club 60


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