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Stridsvagn M/41 at the Pansarmuseet Axvall, Sweden

Stridsvagn m/41 (Strv m/41) was the Swedish licene-built Czech TNH tank.

Since 1937, the Swedish army had been interested in Czechoslavkian TNH tank. In March 1940, some 90 tanks were ordered from ČKD. They were never delivered as Germany, who had since then occupied Czechoslovakia, needed them for its coming campaign in the East. After negotiations with the German authorities, Scania-Vabis were allowed to build their own tanks under license.

In June 1941, 116 Stridsvagn m/41 SI were ordered. These were delivered from December 1942 - August 1943. Stridsvagn m/41 were riveted, which made manufacture easier. Just as the Strv m/38-Strv m/40, it was armed with a 37 mm Bofors m/38 gun, and the first batch had the same engine as Strv m/40L, the Scania-Vabis type 1664.

In June 1942, a further 122 Stridsvagn m/41 were ordered, now under the designation Strv m/41 SII. They had thicker frontal armor and Scania's new engine of type L 603. The first SII vehicles were delivered in October 1943.

The last 16 of the 122 ordered, were rebuilt to assault guns (Sav m/43) and the production of SII ceased in March 1944 when 106 vehicles had been delivered. The SI tanks were located to P3 regiment in Strängnäs, where they equipped the 10th Armored Brigade's light tank companies. The SII tanks were mainly located to the 9th Armored Brigade at P4 regiment in Skövde, while others belonged to the reserve of the P2 and P3 regiments. They were painted in a three-color camouflage.

Stridsvagn m/41 were used until late 1950s, when they were rebuilt to APCs under the designation Pbv 301.



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