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Student riots, college riots, or campus riots are riots precipitated by students, generally from a college, university, or other school. Often student riots are political in nature, such as those that were common in the US and Western Europe during the Vietnam War era, although student riots can occur as a result of peaceful demonstration oppressed by the authorities and after sporting events (hooliganism). In the US, the student riots of recent years have been linked to alcohol consumption.[1]

There were huge student riots in China during 1989, when the students started protesting against the injustice of their politicians. The government was angry with the protests and brutally beat and murdered those who went against them.

In a number of countries, such as Mexico, Chile, Iran, Venezuela and Bangladesh, students form an active political force, and student riots can occur in the context of wider political or social grievances.[2][3][4][5][6]

Student riots can accompany a general strike, a student strike, or wider national protests.


The following are some examples of famous student riots:


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