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A memorial for Therese Johansson Rojo at the place of her murder

The Stureby murder occurred on June 6, 2009 when 15 year-old Therese Johansson Rojo (born June 17, 1993) was brutally murdered in Stureby outside of Stockholm, Sweden. The next day, two 16 year-olds, a boy and a girl admitted to murdering Johansson Rojo.[1] One of them had managed to get the other to carry out the murder by SMS text messages, telephone calls and chatroom contact during a period of time leading up to the murder.[2] The murderer took Therese out into the woods during a party to celebrate that school was almost over and that prom was coming up. He hit her in the back with a tree branch and then strangled her.

The motive for the murder was jealousy of Therese Johansson Rojo after she kissed the girls boyfriend during a party in May of 2009.[3] The murderer was enouraged by SMS and chatroom contact that he needed to commit the murder to prove that he really loved her and get her back as his girlfriend.[4] Because of their young age, the two teenagers got one year and eight months imprisonment in a special care home, where they are under constant watch. The girl has appealed her sentence, so she will be released later than the boy, unless her sentence is reduced. This is because, even though the sentences might not change, her sentence does not start until her appeal has been taken into consideration by the court.[5] Both of the teenagers will be released during the summer of 2011 under the current sentence, and both of their sentences has been appealed by the prosecution.[6] Their short sentences have received a lot of criticism from both the Swedish media and from the population at large, and calls have been made to change the law as it is applied to young offenders in Sweden, because the maximum sentence for a young offender is four years in custody.[7]

The newspaper Aftonbladet initiated a campaign called "Glöm inte Therese" on June 12, 2009, which gives money to the help organisation BRIS.[8] Murder victim Riccardo Campogianis parents also supported the campaign.[9]

The Therese Johansson Rojos murder became the most noted murder in Sweden during 2009.[10]


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