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Submission may refer to:

In combat sports:

Simple English

Simple English Wiktionary has the word meaning for:

Submission may refer to:

  • Submission (movie), a movie directed by Theo van Gogh and written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
  • "Submission", a song from the 1977 album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols
  • "Submission", a religion related to Islam practiced by the United Submitters International
  • Dominance & submission (BDSM), accepting of dominance in an alternative lifestyle context
  • Mail submission agent, electronic mail software
  • the act of yielding to some power or authority

In martial arts:

  • Submission (combat sport), a term for yielding to an opponent
  • Submission wrestling, combat sports that focus on using submission holds
  • Submission hold, a type of grappling hold

Submission may also be:

  • Islam, the name of a religion meaning "submission" in Arabic
  • A proposal for a presentation at an academic conference
  • In biology and, a placatory response to an animal showing more Dominance (ethology)

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