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Sujata is a Sanskrit word meaning "from a good family origin". 'Su' means 'good' and 'jata' implies 'jati' or 'caste'. Thus the implied and correct meaning of the word Sujata means 'of good caste' or 'the well born'. It has to be noted here that the caste-system is the spine of Hinduism. And therefore, 'jata' has specific reference to 'jati' meaning 'caste.' It is a common name for an Indian female, and may refer to:

  • Sujata Bhatt, an Indian poet
  • Sujata Madhok, an Indian activist
  • Sujata Manohar, an Indian judge
  • Sujata Massey, an English mystery writer
  • Sujata Nahar, an Indian biographer and historical figure
  • Sujata and seven types of wives, the unruly daughter in law of Anathapindika, a lay-disciple of the Buddha. The Buddha gave her a famous teaching about seven kinds of wives; this teaching is considered one of the most influential teachings the Buddha gave regarding the proper conduct of wives.
  • Sujata, a maiden who, in Gautama Buddha's life, offered the Buddha a bowl of milk porridge after he had given up the path of asceticism following six years of extreme austerities.
  • Sujata is a family name in former East-Prussia (old-prussian language "su-": is using a tool, "jata": stall, butcher-stall at the market)

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