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'Sujata Koirala is the only daughter of Girija Prasad Koirala. She was made a minister without portfolio under her father's cabinet in 2008. She was made Foreign Minister under the PM Madhav Kumar Nepal. Sujata is promoted to Deputy Prime Minister on October 12, 2009.[1].


Sujata koirala is a controversial political leader of Nepal.She enter into the politics without experience. She was promoted because of koirala family of nepal. She is elected central committee member and head of the foreign relation department of Nepali congress. She is the most controversial leader of Nepali congress and is time and again accused by her own party. She has known as a leader of bad decision maker. Many times she has been accused of being corrupted and is called by Center for Investigation of Abused Authority(CIAA) but due to her arrogance nature and political power she didn't go there.

Controversies When her father was prime minister she was involved in corruption. There are still case of her corruption pending in CIAA but due to present political scenario action cannot be taken against her. She is few top leaders to lose an election but still hold a ministerial position. Recently, while her father Girja Prasad Koirala was admitted to hospital in Singapore, she stayed at Raffles Hotel and frequented around the city in a hired limousine drawing controversies of corruption. Yet again in late February going against the law and legal procedure she canceled the bidding process which was underway to provide printing rights of Nepali passport to four foreign companies. 17 companies had applied for the tender process.Out of them, four firms- Oberthur, Technologies (France), Gemalto (Finland), Sagem Security Printers (France) and 3M Technology (Singapore) were short-listed as per the bidding criteria set by the ministry. However at the 11th hours she canceled the bidding process citing technical reason. She then initiated to give the rights to India breaking the normal law and procedure and without any consultation. Some media dubs that there is a corruption of about 95 US cents per passport going on.

(-surya Nepal.Journalist, Member and co-ordinator of Media department of Nepal Trade Union Congress central committee. (There are 350000members in the trade union)



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