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Role Multirole Fighter[1]
Manufacturer Sukhoi
First flight February 19, 2008[1]
Status Prototype
Number built 16
Unit cost US$65 million (estimate)[2]
Developed from Sukhoi Su-35

The Sukhoi Su-35BM is a heavy class, long-range, multi-role fighter. It is an improved variant of the Su-27M/Su-35 and is considered to be 4++ generation.[1] The Su-35BM was unveiled at the MAKS-2007 airshow.




Differences from the Su-27M

One of the most noticeable differences from the Su-27M/Su-35 is that the canards have been removed, although there is an option for them to be added, such as on the Su-30 series. This new airframe design reduces the aircraft's radar cross section.[3] The aircraft's engines have also been improved to the 117S and the air intakes are enlarged. A probe and drogue in-flight refueling system has been added as well.

Aside from its obvious physical differences, not only have the Su-35BM's avionics received significant improvements, but they are also entirely of Russian origin. The Su-35BM is equipped with an improved passive electronically scanned array N035 Irbis radar system, as well as additional rear mounted radar in its shortened tail sting, later production will use IRBIS-E Radar an Improved N035 with more powerful peak power and better ECM characteristic. An L175M Khibiny-M self-defense electronic countermeasures and electronic warfare system has also been installed, future production will include new Irbis-E Radar with more powerful search ability.

The cockpit has been redesigned with two LCD screens and compatibility with helmet-mounted displays. The Su-35BM's software has added compatibility with new weapons systems. Other new avionics include a long-range information targeting and jam-resistant datalink capability and an electronic reconnaissance system. Newer, lighter systems have been added (including a brand new FBO (Fly by Optics) flight-control system and OLS). The avionics are integrated with GLONASS radio-based satellite navigation system.

On 14 April 2009 one Su-35BM prototype fighter crashed during a high speed ground test. The test pilot escaped unharmed after ejecting.[4] According to Sukhoi, the fighter's brakes failed during landing, resulting in the speeding plane going off the runway and the left engine catching fire.[5]

Russian order

The Su-35BM was demonstrated at Maks 2009, on 18 August 2009. Also at this show, the Russian Air Force signed a contract for the delivery of 48 Su-35S fighters by 2015, along with 12 Su-27SM and four Su-30M2 fighters, representing the first production order for the Su-35.[6] In November 2009 Sukhoi started implementing the state contract and the assembly of the first serial planes is scheduled for 2010.[7]

Specifications (Su-35BM)

Data from KNAAPO Su-35 page,[8] Su-35 booklet,[9] MAKS 2007 Su-35 display,[10] Aviapedia,[11]

General characteristics

  • Crew: 1
  • Length: 21.9 m (72.9 ft)
  • Wingspan: 15.3 m (50.2 ft)
  • Height: 5.90 m (19.4 ft)
  • Wing area: 62.0 m² (667 ft²)
  • Empty weight: 18,400 kg[12] (40,550 lb)
  • Loaded weight: 25,300 kg (56,660 lb)
  • Max takeoff weight: 34,500 kg (76,060 lb)
  • Powerplant:Saturn 117S/AL-41F1A turbofans
    • Dry thrust: 8,800 kgf[13] (86.3 kN, 19,400 lbf) each
    • Thrust with afterburner: 14,500 kgf (142 kN, 31,900 lbf) each




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