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Summer School
Directed by Lance Hendrickson
Troy McCall
Mike Nelson
Steve Rhoden
Ben Trandem
Produced by Lance Hendrickson
Ben Trandem
Written by Lance Hendrickson
Mike Nelson
Steven Rhoden
Pa Chia Thao
Ben Trandem
Starring Simon Wallace
Amy Cocchiarella
Tony Czech
Lance Hendrickson
Jennifer Prettyman
Ty Richardson
Music by Tom Hambleton
Cinematography Troy McCall
Mike Nelson
Editing by Mike Nelson
Ben Trandem
Distributed by Osiris Entertainment
Release date(s) October 5, 2006
Running time 89 min.
Country United States United States
Language English
Budget $35,000

Summer School is an independent horror film created by Minnesota-based production company Random Creatureface Films. [1] Summer School, having spent the first two years after its release showing at regional and national film festivals[2], is currently only available on the official website, but distributor Osiris Entertainment has scheduled a worldwide release in stores and several rental chains starting in April 2009. [3]


Plot synopsis

Charles runs a website that reviews "the more macabre of the cinema world" and he has stayed up a bit too late trying to catch up on his work ala a horror movie marathon. In his rapid absorption of an endless series of dark delicacies, Charles has emerged the next day, the first day of Summer School in a bit of a mental flux. He is slipping in and out of consciousness, into a realm of sadistic, genre bending nightmares that test his sanity and question his grip on reality.[4]


In August 2005, St. Paul, Minnesota police were called to a local neighborhood with to investigate a possible shooting. The car contained “blood” and “brain matter” on the seats, dashboard, and windows. After canvassing the area, the officers discovered the owner of the car, Lance Hendrickson, one of the directors. The blood and bits of brain were fake—the officers were shown the scene from the then in-production film as proof.


Summer School, for its limited exposure so far, has garnered highly favorable reviews.[5][6]
Dread Central calls it “wildly entertaining”, saying it has “set a new standard... for all other independent horror films, it is a sterling standard.”[7] Dread Central also reviewed the “Extra Credit” edition DVD, giving even more praise. The two articles give the film a 4.5 out of 5 and the special features a 4 out of 5.[8] Fatally Yours says it's “wonderfully clever”, “a slice of horror heaven pie”, and “a film by horror fans, for horror fans.”[9]

The film was also nominated for several awards, winning Mike Nelson and Ben Trandem an award for Best Editing in 2007.


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