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A summer hit is a term in entertainment industry which refers to a title (song, album, film) released and peaked in its popularity during summer and often later quickly faded away.[1].

Rick Lyman, a culture reporter for The New York Times, wrote:[2]

"The summer hits of 2001 are making about as much money as hits from previous summers, but they are making it quicker, making more of it that ever on opening weekend. Movies are opening on more screens, generating staggering grosses, and then plummetting off the radar. Many executives of the Hollywood see this trend, which the call "front loading," as a fundamental change in the way the summer movies are watched."

A number of compilation albums are titled with words "Summer Hits", such as Summer Hits No. 1, Hits 93 Volume 3 (22 Hot Summer Hits), Summer Hits 2006, etc.

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