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Sunday Magazine Editors Association
Abbreviation SUNMAG
Formation 1987
Purpose/focus Association of editors of Sunday newspaper magazines

Sunday Magazine Editors Association, also referred to as SUNMAG,[1] or Sunmag,[2] is an organization of editors of Sunday newspaper magazines. It represents a majority of the major newspaper magazines in the United States.[3]

The organization was formed in 1987. The association gives out annual journalism awards to newspaper magazines in the categories of writing, investigative journalism, photography, and design. Over forty newspaper magazines participated in its first awards contest. Presidents of the organization have included editors of newspaper magazines associated with the Boston Globe, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Hartford Courant.



Sunday Magazine Editors Association is a national organization in the United States,[4] and annually gives out journalism awards to other magazines.[5][6] According to The Orlando Sentinel, the association's awards are considered "the premier contest in the nation for Sunday magazine journalism".[7]

After a contest is held in the areas of writing, photography, and design, awards are given out at the association's annual meeting.[8] Magazine category awards include: features, investigative in-depth story, profile, essay, photography (single image and multiple image), design, design (single spread) and design (multiple spread).[9]


The organization was formed in 1987,[10] and in that year, over forty Sunday newspaper magazines entered the contest competing for the award for first place in investigative writing, which was won by The Washington Post Magazine.[11]

In 1997, The Plain Dealer decided to commission an essay from Anna Quindlen in honor of the annual meeting of the organization.[12] The theme was Women's History Month, and of the twenty-six papers notified, eighteen published Quindlen's essay.[12] The association maintains data on the number of newspapers that publish their own Sunday magazines.[13] The organization had forty-six members in 1991.[14] In 1994 the association had thirty-five members, including Akron Beacon Journal, Anchorage Daily News, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.[15]

Ande Zellman, editor of the Boston Globe Magazine, was the association's president in 1989.[16] Fred Mann, editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer magazine Inquirer Magazine, was president of the association in 1991.[14] Lary Bloom, editor of Northeast, Sunday magazine of The Hartford Courant, was elected president of the organization in 1995 at its annual SunMag conference,[17] and continued to serve in that capacity in 1996.[18] Its president in 1999 was Steve Courtney, deputy editor of Northeast.[19]

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