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Sunday Pants was a half-hour long show on Cartoon Network featuring a collection of very short animated productions. Sunday Pants was compared to older Cartoon Network shows like What-A-Cartoon! and World Premiere Toons. The animations come from a wide range of writers and directors, some of them already familiar to viewers of Cartoon Network. Notably, History According to Noodle was written by Andy Merrill, who voiced Brak on The Brak Show and Cartoon Planet. Also, the two writers from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Adam Pava and Tim McKeon, created Weighty Decisions. Also, Soup2Nuts, the animation studio most notable for their cartoons Home Movies and Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist produced the animation for many of the shorts on the show. This show is one of the few shows playing outside of Adult Swim with a TV-PG rating. In December 2005 after showing six episodes, Sunday Pants went off air and has not been back since.


Each episode has a theme that the animations follow, such as "Dangerous Situations," "Insatiable Cravings," and "You Can't Get There From Here." The show's content is chosen from a stock of short animation series.

These are the shows in no particular order.

  • Weighty Decisions–a spoof of the devil/angel conscious bit. Only this time, the devil and angel get into arguments on the job. Interestingly, the voices of the devil and angel are two correspondents from The Daily Show, Rob Corddry and Ed Helms, working uncredited.
  • The Brothers Pistov–Two Russian dogs clash with each other during random scenarios (ex: getting a squeak toy)
  • The Topside Rag–the misadventures of a Brit with ragtime background music.
  • Oogloo & Anju–the adventures of a sloth and a bird with 8-bit style music. (click link for full article)
  • Food Court Diaries
  • Bus Stop Talk–Shorts about 3 kids at a bus stop.
  • Freshman Clowns–a teen drama spoof involving clowns.
  • Animungus
  • Travel Logs–Two dumb and sarcastic logs travel to different cities in the world, commenting on various things they find there, and generally being obnoxious and demanding.
  • News Channel Station News US–A parody of the news. Contains the kind of humor found in Saturday Night Live's 'Fun With Real Audio' segments.
  • Thadlow's Driving School–shorts about a driving school teacher and the students he works with.
  • Flummoxed
  • Dr. Lyle Pushkins Guidebook to the Happy Boy–a 1950s style 'educational film' on how to be a 'happy boy'.
  • History According to Noodle
  • Surely You Joust–a toon made in Macromedia Flash(?) about two jousters.
  • Watering Hole–a funny animals bit with wildlife at a 'watering hole' (bar). Used to be shown as a short animation during commercial breaks on Adult Swim.
  • Show and Tell–a little boy brings in things or does random things for show and tell, for the sake of attention.
  • T.I.N.Y. - Team Intense New York is a segment about 3 tiny 2" police officers trying to get the respect of their fellow cops.
  • Loving Lovers in Love–a segment that shows a couple making out in public places, playing what they are thinking at the moment (The boy thinks of the making-out while the girl thinks of other things).
  • Scissor Kid–A short about a kid who runs with scissors.
  • Moonwalk
  • Hall of Presidents–Fake 'educational film' about America's presidents.
  • The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers–Three brothers try to pull off dangerous stunts. Was once featured on Nickelodeon.
  • Monstories - two creatures pull pranks on each other and do other things.
  • Periwinkle Around the World– an anthropomorphic duck travels the world.
  • Bernard–a polar bear tries to pull off random tasks but ends up failing in the end.
  • The Imp–animated comedy about The Imp, a mischievous character, who tries to spread evil with the help of his brother Bob and helpers: Bertrand and Philippe. Black and white computer-generated imagery animation. Created by Andy Fielding. With the voices of Stephen Mangan (The Imp) and Julian Rhind-Tutt (Bob) (from the Channel 4 series, Green Wing). Country of origin: Scotland (UK). The Imp website
  • The Great Pinkerton–a small composer tries to finish a symphony.
  • Blue Dog Blues–a bit about a Blue Dog. The only one to appear so far shows the dog in a happy collar trying to get his dog treat.
  • Jean-Luc & Dondoozat–a zany, unintelligible short about a couple strange creatures pulling off random things. One creature, a tall, skinny, orange creature is attempting to teach at least adequate manners to a short, wild, green creature. Ends with a moral (ex: "Never take off your pants in front of house guests; you'll scare them away")
  • Crazy Demands–a sprite comic style short about two random people giving strange requests.
  • Captain Linger–a cartoon short created by Stuart Hill and J.J. Sedelmaier about the mishaps of Captain Linger. Was once featured as a short on Adult Swim during commercial breaks.


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