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Sunita Alahan
Shobna gulati cs.jpg
Sunita in 2009.
Coronation Street
Portrayed by Shobna Gulati
Duration 2001–06, 2009—
First appearance 21 March 2001

Sunita Alahan (née Parekh), is a character in the British television soap opera Coronation Street, portrayed by Shobna Gulati. The character initially appeared from 2001 to 2006 and again from 2009 onwards.


Character creation



The character has been portrayed by actress Gulati since inception. In 2005, after five years in the show Sunita was axed by producer Tony Wood along with characters Janice Battersby and Jessie Jackson.[1] It was revealed in The Sun newspaper on 13 May 2009, that Shobna Gulati would reprise her role as Sunita later that year returning on-screen in December.[2] ITV later confirmed her return.[3]



An employee at Dev Alahan's Swinton branch, she fled days before she was due to fly to India where her marriage to Depak, son of family friends, had been arranged by their respective parents. Following the wedding, Sunita would live in India with her husband and his family. Horrified, Sunita sought help from Dev, who let her stay in the shop flat until her flight had gone. Her parents were furious and initially dismissed Sunita's fears as cold feet - telling her she'd be fine once she was there - but when she refused to discuss rearranging her flight, her mother made her choose. She could either go to India and marry Depak or never see her family again. Sunita chose to determine her own future.

Dev offered Sunita a job in his Coronation Street shop with accommodation thrown in, freeing Deirdre Rachid to become a troubleshooter for Dev's empire.

In 2003, Sunita started dating Peter Barlow's mate Ciaran McCarthy but he was arrested and sent to prison for being absent without leave. He returned just as Dev was beginning to return Sunita's affections. Ciaran won her back and proposed at Peter and Shelley's wedding. They set a date for 29 December and planned a register office do. Ciaran changed his mind about getting married but couldn't tell Sunita. At his stag do, he thumped rival Dev, hoping to be put in jail but Dev didn't press charges. Tracy broke the news to Sunita about Ciaran punching Dev and not wanting to get married. When confronted, Ciaran said he did but Sunita didn't believe him and called off the wedding.

In 2004, Sunita dated Danny Baldwin briefly but later discovered he was married so she dumped him. In July, Dev discovered that Sunita was ill when she collapsed. Dev took her to the doctor's and she was diagnosed with an aneurism and a brain tumour. Later, Maya Sharma (Dev’s girlfriend) became suspicious and let herself into Sunita's flat for a look round. She found a pregnancy testing kit. Maya let herself in a second time and found Dev and Sunita hugging. Maya assumed Sunita was pregnant but Dev told her that Sunita's condition was much more serious. In August, Dev told Sunita that he loved her. When he told Maya, she dumped him and trashed his flat. Sunita went to hospital for the operation to remove the aneurism and brain tumour. Maya wanted revenge; she tried to get Dev done for sexual harassment by bribing Leanne to try and bed him. Maya persuaded Leanne to take Dev to court (Maya would act as Leanne's solicitor) but they lost the case.

In October, Dev and Sunita were planning their wedding. Maya broke in to Sunita's flat for her birth certificate and married seven illegal immigrants as Sunita. Sunita was arrested during the wedding festivities and sent to prison. Dev managed to sort out the mess and Maya was arrested but released on bail. Maya then set fire to Dev’s shops before taking Sunita hostage in the Coronation Street shop flat. Maya started another fire with Dev and Sunita inside but they were saved by Charlie Stubbs and Ciaran McCarthy. Maya saw and tried to run them over but was injured herself when a truck crashed into her car. Maya was sent to hospital and sent to prison on her recovery.

Sunita recovered from her ordeal and she and Dev settled down to married life. They were overjoyed when Sunita got pregnant and discovered they were expecting twins. She had recently fallen out with best friend Shelley because Shelley's boyfriend, Charlie, controlled and isolated Shelley but shortly after Shelley dumped Charlie, she and Sunita made up. Shelley was looking forward to being a surrogate Auntie when Sunita's world came crashing down around her. She discovered that Dev had children by several different women whom he had housed and given jobs at his various shops. She was devastated and left Dev. Dev was with her when the twins, a boy, Aadi, and a girl, Asha, were born but Sunita didn't know if she could ever trust him again, and left soon after.

Missing years (2006–2009)

In the intervening years, Dev was shown to have regular contact with Sunita and the twins but this was never shown on-screen. In July 2008 they were shown to lose contact after Dev had an affair. Dev also pays the bills for the house Dev and Sunita bought back in 2006. This has had a lot of complaint from fans, as he has barely ever mentioned Sunita and the twins since their departure.


In 2009, upon Dev seeing Matt with his two children, Dev confronted Matt. Matt reluctantly tells Dev that he and Sunita are engaged. Sunita was hoping to tell Dev herself. Infuriated, and possibly jealous, Dev drove over to see Sunita. She was genuinely sorry that he'd found out that way but assured Dev that Matt was not trying to replace him. Dev wasn't convinced and confronted Matt the following episode, accusing him of doing so. Sunita, very angry at him, told him to leave. In 2010, Dev held a party for the twins in his flat in Victoria Court. Sunita was pleased with the way he looked after the twins. Matt was jealous that Sunita was starting to feel something for Dev which led to Matt being suspicious of Sunita.


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