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Origin Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Genres Alternative metal
Years active 1998-2002, 2009-Present
Labels Astralwerks, Virgin Records 2000-2002

Sunna is an Alternative/Industrial Rock band from Bristol, England. It is made up of; Jon Harris - vocals and guitar, Ian MacLaren - lead guitar and Dave Jenkins - keyboards and samples.

Sunna’s first album ‘One Minute Science’ was released to much critical acclaim in August 2000 on Massive Attack's Melankolic label (Virgin). It literally “blew a hole through the established sound of alternative music with its mesmerizing blend of metal and electronica” (quote from Sphere Magazine) and sold world wide, especially in the USA, reaching 151 in the UK chart.

Sunna released three singles from the album; "I'm Not Trading", “OD”, and the massive hit "Power Struggle", the latter appearing in the movie Hollow Man - in which Kevin Bacon sings along to it.

During the period 2000 to 2002 Sunna built up a global cult following, which resulted in the band – together with a selection of guest musicians – touring supports with ‘Vast’ and ‘A perfect Circle’ in the USA playing to audiences of 6000 people a night, opening for ‘The Smashing Pumpkins’ on their final European tour playing to over 20,000 people a night, and gigging extensively in the UK sponsored by Kerrang magazine… which cemented their status as one of the UK’s defining acts.

In 2002, following a catalogue of label and personal issues, Sunna and Virgin Records parted company and the band took time out, literally disappearing off the radar for seven years, to follow their individual paths and pursue personal projects.

In October 2009 Sunna, to the delight of their die hard fans and an excited buzz in the music press, re-appeared - rejuvenated and with more passion than ever - independently releasing their second album “Two Minute Terror”.


Band members

Within three months of writing his first five songs, Jon signed a development deal to BMG RCA, with Simon Cowell as his head of A&R. Together with his band ‘Chillum’ he toured the UK, building up a reputation as one of the UK’s most promising and thought provoking young rock artists.

In the mid 90’s Jon went on to work with Massive Attack, writing the B-side to their single ‘Inertia Creeps’, and contributing on the album ‘Mezzanine’. He also re-mixed the Manic Street Preachers ‘If You Tolerate This’ and performed on the soundtrack to the film Love and Death In Long Island.

During this time, Jon signed to Massive Attack’s Melankolic label (a subsidiary of Virgin Records) with his new project Sunna, and recorded their first album ‘One Minute Science’.

Sunna tours of the USA, Europe and the UK followed, and Jon worked once again with Massive Attack on their album ‘100th Window’.

With the split of Sunna from Virgin, Jon took time out to deal with personal issues, and started writing the second album ‘Two Minute Terror’ which he released, together with the re-birth of Sunna, in 2009.

Having played for numerous bands as a young musician, Ian had already built a strong reputation as an outstanding performer when he was introduced to Jon during a recording session with Neil Davidge and D.N.A.

Ian joins Jon’s band Chillum as the bass player, and soon becomes Jon’s right hand man and partner in crime until the break up of the band, when he embarks on an ‘Asian tour’ working as a session musician in Hong Kong, Philippines, Macau and Australia.

Ian and Jon get together again to form Sunna, this time with Ian on lead guitar, record the album ‘One Minute Science’ and spend the next two years touring together.

During Sunna’s time out Ian sessions with ‘Lupine Howl’ and embarks on a tour with ‘The Charlatans’, following which he sets up his own music production company composing music for TV shows including ‘Wire in the Blood’.

More session work follows, on the Neil Davidge project ‘Pocket Angel’ and with Massive Attack, which culminates in a production role with Sony Music. Ian then joins the band ‘The Flies’ and tours the world once again.

Jon and Ian get together once more in 2009 and Sunna are re-formed.

  • Dave Jenkins - keys and samples

Jon and Dave have known one another for decades, quite literally. Jon would have been around 14 when their paths first crossed… Dave was the keyboard player in a band with Jon’s brother. They first worked together when Dave and Jon joined a band fronted be Neil Davidge.

Dave went on to pursue a career in classical music composition, writing piano pieces and small orchestral works, and eventually ended up working once again with Neil Davidge as part of Massive Attack’s production team… playing piano and keyboards on the album ‘Mezzanine’, which included writing a haunting piano piece for the creation of the song ‘Tear Drop’, and working on the soundtracks for several films including ‘The Jackal’.

It was at this time that Dave and Jon’s paths crossed once more, when they worked together on Sunna’s first album ‘One Minute Science’. Following the release of the album Dave went on to tour with the band Alpha, worked with Massive Attack on the initial stages of the album ‘100th Window’, and concentrated on writing classical choral works.

In 2009 Dave again joined forces with Jon and Ian as Sunna’s third member.

Past Members


Album Date Chart Position
One Minute Science August 15, 2000 151
Two Minute Terror October 6, 2009

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