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"Sunrise / Sunset: Love is All"
Single by Ayumi Hamasaki
from the album TBA
Released August 12, 2009
Format CD Only, CD+DVD
Recorded 2009
Genre J-pop
Label Avex Trax
Writer(s) Ayumi Hamasaki
Ayumi Hamasaki singles chronology
"Sunrise / Sunset: Love is All"
"You Were... / Ballad"
Alternate covers

Sunrise / Sunset: Love is All is Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki's forty-sixth (forty-seventh overall) single, released on August 12, 2009.[1][2][3] The song sunrise "Sunrise: Love is All" is being used as the theme song to the 2009 Japanese drama show, Dandy Daddy?[4][5][6][7] In addition, the song "Sunset: Love is All" is being used in advertisements for the Panasonic Lumix FX-60 digital camera.[8] With over 75,000 copies sold, it ranked #1 on the sales charts, becoming her 21st consecutive (33rd total) number-one single. Overall, it is also her 44th single to enter the Top 10, putting her ahead of Southern All Stars, SMAP, ZARD, and B'z for the current record.[9]



All lyrics written by Ayumi Hamasaki. 

# Title Length
1. "Sunrise: Love is All (Original Mix)"   4:48
2. "Sunset: Love is All (Original Mix)"   5:49
3. "Fairyland/Glitter/Blue Bird/Greatful Days/July 1st (Mega Mash-Up Mix)"   7:46
4. "Sunrise: Love is All (Instrumental)"   4:48
5. "Sunset: Love is All (Instrumental)"   5:49
# Title Length
1. "Sunrise: Love is All (Video Clip)"    
2. "Sunset: Love is All (Video Clip)"    
3. "Sunrise: Love is All (Making Clip)"    


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Oricon Sales Chart

Release Chart Peak Position First Week Sales Sales Total Chart Run
August 12, 2009 Oricon Daily Singles Chart 1
Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 1 75,352 110,169 11
Oricon Monthly Singles Chart 4
Oricon Yearly Singles Chart 50 110,169

Billboard Japan

Release Chart Peak Position
August 12, 2009 Billboard Japan Hot 100 2
Billboard Japan Hot Singles Sales 2

Overseas Charts

Chart Peak
G-Music J-Pop Charts 3
G-Music Combo Charts 10
J-Pop/K-Pop Five Music Record 2

Music video

Hamasaki in the music video for "Sunrise".
Hamasaki in the music video for "Sunset".

The music videos for 'Sunrise' and 'Sunset' were filmed on a sightseeing tower at the bay of Chiba prefecture, Kantō. This tower, the Futtsu-Misaki, is a 100 year commemoration structure for the end of Meiji period (1868). Members of TeamAyu (Hamasaki's official fan club) were able to apply to be part of the audience for the PVs. Almost 1000 people applied for participation, and about 300 of those were selected.

The choreographers for the PVs were Ayumi Hamasaki's dancers Zin for Sunrise and Maro for Sunset. The PVs feature all of Ayumi's dancers and 300 fans.

In the first video, Ayumi is hopping around and laughing; the fans are waving towels; and the male dancers are shouting, dancing, and animating the fans. The entire video shows Ayumi's performance.

The second video, 'Sunset', is set on the same structure as the first, the morning light having been replaced by a sun setting in the background. This video features only the female dancers and Ayumi. Like the first one, the video shows only Ayumi's 'Sunset' performance.


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Preceded by
"Ichibu to Zenbu/Dive" by B'z
Japanese Oricon Chart number one single
August 24, 2009
Succeeded by
"Tokimeki no Rumba" by Kiyoshi Hikawa


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