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Super Basketball League
Current season or competition:
2009–10 SBL season
Sport Basketball
Founded 2003
No. of teams 7
Country(ies)  Republic of China
Continent FIBA Asia (Asia)
Most recent champion(s) Dacin Tigers (2008/09)
Official website

The Super Basketball League (simplified Chinese: 超级篮球联赛traditional Chinese: 超級籃球聯賽pinyin: Chāojí lánqiú liánsài) or SBL is the top-tier semi-professional basketball league in Taiwan. It was founded in 2003 to replace the short-lived Chinese Basketball Alliance (CBA), a professional basketball league that existed from 1994 to 1998.

There are seven teams:

Star players:


Women's Super Basketball League

There is also a WSBL (Women's Super Basketball League), with four teams:

  • Cathay Life (國泰)
  • Tai Yuan Textile (台元)
  • Chunghwa Telecom (中華電信)
  • Taipower (台電)


Year Winner Runner-up Third Fourth
2003-04 Yulon Dinos Sina Lions
2004-05 Yulon Dinos Dacin Tigers
2005-06 Yulon Dinos Taiwan Beer Dacin Tigers Bank of Taiwan
2006-07 Taiwan Beer Dacin Tigers
2007-08 Taiwan Beer Yulon Dinos
2008-09 Dacin Tigers Taiwan Beer

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