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Super Chinese
ChineseHero arcadeflyer.png
Arcade flyer of Chinese Hero, the first game in the series.
Genre(s) RPG beat 'em up
Fighting game
Developer(s) Taiyo Systems
Culture Brain
Publisher(s) Namco
Culture Brain

Super Chinese (スーパーチャイニーズ Sūpā Chainīzu ?) is a series of adventure and action role-playing games for the arcade and various Nintendo video game systems.[1] The plot of several of the games follow two young boys, Jack and Ryu, as they adventure through their home, Chinaland.

Each of the games in the series were developed by Culture Brain, the earlier games developed by Nihon Game, a name the company used before Culture Brain. The games that were released in North America were retitled, such as Super Chinese, which became Kung Fu Heroes. Many of the games were not released outside of Japan.




Common Elements

In most of the Super Chinese games, Jack and Ryu are the protagonists. They often are fighting to save their homeland, Chinaland.


The earliest Super Chinese games included action game elements, such as Kung Fu Heroes and Super Chinese Land. The later games in the series, such as Super Ninja Boy also integrated console role-playing game elements into the gameplay. The playable characters gain experience points from action RPG, random encounter battles and increase in levels, becoming more powerful.


The Super Chinese series is made up of several games spanning many of Nintendo's earlier systems. Super Chinese, Super Chinese Land, and Super Chinese World are the three main groups in the series. Although not developed by Culture Brain, Chinese Hero, an arcade game from Taiyo, was the first game in the series. Super Chinese Land 1-2-3 and Super Chinese I+II Advance are compilations of earlier games in the series and the Fighter games are fighting games that allow players to fight with characters from the series, such as Ryu and Jack.

In North America, the series is mostly known as the Ninja Boy series. Ninja Boy, Ninja Boy II, and Super Ninja Boy were all released in North America, as well as Kung Fu Heroes.


Nintendo Entertainment System

Kung Fu Heroes

Game Boy

Game Boy Color

Super Nintendo

Game Boy Advance


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Super Chinese / Kung-Fu Heroes
Box artwork for Super Chinese / Kung-Fu Heroes.
Developer(s) Micro Academy
Publisher(s) Namco, Culture Brain (US)
Japanese title スーパーチャイニーズ
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Action
System(s) NES
Players 1-2 simultaneous
Preceded by Chinese Hero
Followed by Super Chinese 2

Super Chinese is a Famicom game developed by Micro Academy and published in Japan by Namco in 1986. It was entitled Kung-Fu Heroes when it was published in the United States by Culture Brain in 1989. It features an overhead view and up to two players may play simultaneously. It is an improved port of the earlier arcade game known as Chinese Hero, which was developed by Taiyo. This is the first game in the Super Chinese series, and unlike other titles in the series, it does not incorporate any RPG elements in the gameplay.

The player controls one of the characters, Jacky or Lee, and each level pits the player against countless enemy warriors. The goal is for the player to defeat enough enemies so that the door at the top of the room opens allowing the player to exit the room and proceed to the next. Enemies' attacks and weapons vary throughout the game. There are a number of "BONUS" rounds that can be opened, and items can be punched out of rocks and blocks which provide the player with power-ups.

This game is believed to have been published in the arcade in 1988 as part of the Nintendo Vs. hardware system, under the title Vs. Super Chinese.


Monsters have taken Princess Min-Min captive and have stolen the 10 treasures of the nameless land the game takes place in, leaving everything in sorrow. Kung-fu Masters Jacky and Lee return from training and must set out to rescue the princess and find the treasures.

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