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Episode 1: Chain Chomps Unchained

There are three fire chain-chomps in town. Wait by the lake. When one of the chain chomps comes near, ambush it with a spray from FLUDD. The fire will be put out, but not for long. Grab its tail, walk backwards, aim at the river and fire. If it goes in the river, you have defeated it. Don't get too excited — you still have two more to defeat. Once you annihilate all three, the Shine Sprite will appear.

Episode 2: Il Piantissimo's Crazy Race

Yet again Il Piantissimmo is back for even more. Beat him to the finish line (he should take around 30 seconds like at the beach). He will admit defeat and hand over his last Shine Sprite.

Episode 3: The Goopy Inferno

Pianta Village is in burning goop! It will be hard because the fake Mario takes away FLUDD. After you cross the bridge, turn right and head towards the white mushrooms and follow the yellow stems. Right beside them is a man who's looking at the gate. Talk to him and he'll give you hints. Jump in the ditch and ground pound through the gate. Keep an eye out for the annoying spiders and electro koopas which are crawling around.

Although there is a much faster way that a lot of people don't know about, if you swim through the river and do a spin jump from the water/when you come out of the water over the goop you will clear some of it, do it again and you should have a small area of where there is no goop, now you should be able to spin jump over to where the mayor and FLUDD are, collect FLUDD spray the mayor clean and collect your shine.

Episode 4: Chain Chomp Takes a Bath

The Chain-Chomps are back. Complete as in Episode 1, but keep on guard for four minor changes:

  1. There is only one chain-chomp
  2. It's sunny outside
  3. The one chomp is massive
  4. There's only a puddle left

In order to get him in the hot springs, you first have to spray him down until he is all black, then grab his golden stake, and pull him to the hot springs. You will have to stop, ground pound his stake into the ground, and spray him down every once in a while, other wise he will get really, REALLY ANGRY!! Main Goal: Get the Chain Chomp into the springs.

Episode 5: Secret of the Village Underside

For this episode, you need Yoshi. Find a Yoshi egg and hatch it with the correct fruit — there is a tree with a variety of different fruits on it right across from the hot tub that you had to get the chain chomp to go in. However, it is now blocked with a wooden fence. Head back to where you started in the first place and jump on to one of the mushrooms (hold down A button to hover). There is a mushroom with that buttery stuff; spray it with juice and jump down the hole. Talk to the Piantas to throw you onto the other platforms. There is a 1-up mushroom that a Pianta can throw you to, but be careful because you have to face the way you want to go. Make your way to the Shine Sprite in this manner.

Episode 6: Pianta's in Need

  • Objective: Free 10 Piantas from fire goo.

10 Piantas are covered in goo! You must free 10 Piantas in under three minutes.

Episode 7: Shadow Mario Returns

That Shadow Mario guy will stop at anything to mess up Mario's life. Spray him, defeat him and bag his Shine.

Episode 8: Fluff Festival Coin Hunt



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