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Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden
SRWAlpha Gaiden BOX ART.jpg
Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden
Developer(s) JP Banpresto
Platform(s) PSX / PSOne
Release date(s) JP March 29, 2001
Genre(s) Turn-Based Strategy RPG
Mode(s) Single-player

Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden (スーパーロボット大戦α外伝 Sūpā Robotto Taisen Arufa Gaiden ?), for the PlayStation, is the first side-story in the Alpha series, continuing from Super Robot Wars Alpha. Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, or simply, Alpha Gaiden, includes several rare series choices, such as After War Gundam X, Turn-A Gundam and Xabungle, all of which debut in the game.

Alpha Gaiden also includes the final appearance of the Masō Kishin "Banpresto Originals" in the Alpha series, and the last appearance of the characters, besides Masaki Andoh and the Cybuster, Shu Shirakawa and the Granzon, and Lune Zoldark and the Valsione. Although many fans suspect this is due to a copyright backlash with Winkysoft, it is stated in an interview with the creator of Super Robot Wars he merely wants to give more plot attention towards the other original characters, considering the previous titles have dealt with the Masō Kishin plots rather extensively.

Additionally, the game features the first appearance of Sanger Zonvolt, who later becomes one of the selectable protagonists of the 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha.

Series Included

Ginga Senpuu Braiger, making its debut here in Banpresto`s SUPER ROBOT TAISEN ALPHA GAIDEN game on the PSX/PS0ne console.


Dan-kuu-koga-ken, Dancouga`s finisher or "hissatsu" move, (screenshot) taken from one of the chapters in Banpresto's Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden game.

Shortly after the events of Alpha, the Earth Federation has covered up many of the events in the climatic battle with the antagonist Aerogaters, but the gravity shockwave from the detonation of the Excelion (from Gunbuster) in the Battle of the Solar System's Absolute Defense is rapidly approaching the Earth, and threatens to wipe out the space colonies and the planet. The Earth's only hope is the Aegis System, which could shield the Earth Sphere from the shockwave.

Unfortunately, the heroes are sent to an alternate future, where the Earth has been ravaged by the wave. Faced with a new threat in the form of the Ancestors, the heroes must find a way to return to their time and prevent this alternate, dystopic future from happening.

Getter Robo, one of the three famous franchises that is the foundation of a typical Super Robot Taisen game. The other two are Gundam (Amuro Ray) and Mazinger Z (Kouji Kabuto).


  • The first Super Robot Wars where all of a unit's weapons are upgraded simultaneously.
  • Introduce the Support ability (for Attack and Defense.) which is not found in the first Alpha game.


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