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An example of Superman’s "superdickery" is a humor website originally dedicated to displaying absurd, humorous, or sexually suggestive comic book covers from the Silver Age of Comic Books, though it later expanded to include covers and panels from comics of all “Ages.”

Its name is a reference to the often-cruel behavior (“being a dick,” or “dickery” in the webmaster’s words) that Superman displays on many of these covers, the result of a frequent Silver Age comic promotional tactic in which the front cover featured a scene so baffling and apparently nonsensical that readers would be compelled to buy the comic just for the explanation. Often, however, the cover had little or nothing to do with the contents of the comic.



"From demanding tribute from the nations of the world to preventing a Lois Lane and Pat Boone spawned song from becoming a hit, this collection of old comic covers document a veritable mountain of asinine behaviour," wrote the Edmonton Journal.[1] As The Irish Times described in the summer of 2006, "Don't let the new [Superman] movie fool you into thinking he's a hero. See"[2]

Most of the earlier covers featured on the page are from the Silver Age comic books Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane and Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, and other similar comics, though other victims of “dickery” include Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, and Archie, among many others. However, covers referring to Wonder Woman usually play on the fact that most of her appearances involve subtle references to bondage and Batman and Robin's appearances involve implied homosexuality between both characters.

Superdickery was created in November 2004 as a response to a thread on the message board of Transformers website The Allspark titled “How did the comic industry even last until today?, Lois Lane Comics: Stupidest thing ever.” In 2008, Superdickery underwent a redesign, making its features more convenient. Superdickery's creator has dubbed this new version "Superdickery 2.0"[3]

Categories's Image Galleries are divided into nine categories.

  • Examples of Superdickery - The original image gallery, with Superman, and later Supergirl as well, tormenting their friends for no apparent reason.
  • Confounding Comic Covers - A series of images featuring absurd Silver and Golden Age comic covers.
  • Frames and Panels - Out-of-context panels from various sources.
  • Everything's Better With Monkeys - Primate-themed covers and panels.
  • Seduction of The Innocent - Panels and covers with sexual undertones (often containing panels and covers from Batman comics).
  • Weird Science - Featuring absurd scientific inventions mostly from the Silver and Golden Age.
  • Suffering Sappho! - The Wonder Woman gallery, dealing mostly with bondage subtext.
  • Propaganda Extravaganza - World War II-era images deriding the Axis powers, as well as covers with politically incorrect or racist imagery.
  • Stupor-Powers - Silver and Golden Age exaggerations of super-heroic abilities.


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