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The Supreme Assembly of Tajikistan (Majlisi Oli), Tajikistan's parliament, has two chambers:

  • Assembly of Representatives (Majlisi namoyandagon), the lower chamber with 63 members elected for a five year term, 22 by proportional representation and 41 in single-seat constituencies.[1] The current chairman of Majlisi namyandagon is Saydullo Khayrulloyev from 27 March 2000. [2].
  • National Assembly (Majlisi milli), the upper chamber with 33 members, 25 elected for a five year term by deputies of local majlisi and 8 appointed by the president.[3] The current chairman of Majlisi Oli and Majlisi milli is Mahmadsaid Ubaydulloyev from 17 April 2000. [4].

The bicameral legislature was introduced in the September 1999 constitution. Prior to that Tajikistan had a unicameral legislature. Safarali Rajabov was elected its first chairman on 6 April 1995.[5]

2005 Parliamentary election

e • d  Summary of the 27 February and 13 March 2005 Assembly of Representatives of Tajikistan election results
Parties Votes 1st round % Seats
People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan (Hizbi Demokrati-Khalkii Tojikston) 1,666,909 64.51 49
Communist Party of Tajikistan (Hizbi Kommunistīi Tojikston) 533,066 20.63 4
Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (Nahzati Islomi Tojikiston) 193,532 7.48 2
Others Democratic Party (Hizbi Demokrati) 190,412 7,36 N/A
Justice Party (Hizb Adolatkhoh) N/A
Socialist Party (Hizbi Sotsialistīi Tojikston) N/A
Other parties -
Non-partisans (pro-HDKT) 5
Total (turnout  %) 2,583,919   63
Registered voters 2,771,528
Source: IFES, Angus Reid en


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