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The Supreme Council of Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz: Жогорку Кеңеш, transliterated as Žoghorku Keňgesh or Jogorku Kenesh) is the unicameral Parliament of Kyrgyzstan. It has 90 seats with members elected for a five-year term by party-list proportional voting (Article 54 of the October 2007 Constitution).

Prior to the unicameralization introduced in the October 2007 Constitution, the Supreme Council consisted of the Legislative Assembly (Myizam Chygaruu Jyiyny, the upper house) and the Assembly of People's Representatives (El Okuldor Jyiyny, lower house) with 60 and 45 members, respectively. The members of both houses were elected to five year terms. In the Assembly of People's Representatives all 45 members were elected in single-seat constituencies; in the Legislative Assembly 45 members were elected in single-seat constituencies and 15 were elected through party lists.


Chairmen of the Supreme Council of Kyrgyzstan

  • Omurbek Tekebayev March 27, 2005–February 27, 2006
  • Marat Sultanov March 2, 2006–October 2007
  • Adahan Madumarov December 24, 2007–May 29, 2008
  • Aitibai Tagayev May 29, 2008–Present

2005 parliamentary election

The 2005 Kyrgyz parliamentary elections were held in February and March 2005. More than 400 candidates ran for the new 75-member unicameral legislative assembly. There were two rounds of voting held on 27 February and 13 March. Six seats were won by opposition politicians. Most candidates were officially independent. International observers said the elections fell short of international standards for democratic elections in several important areas. Widespread protests over alleged rigging of the election by the government culminated in the Tulip Revolution on 24 March. Revolutionaries overthrew President Askar Akayev.

2007 parliamentary election

e • d  Summary of the 16 December 2007 Kyrgyzstani Supreme Council election results
Parties Votes % Seats
Ak Zhol 1,228,319 46.99 71
Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan 55,651 5.05 11
Party of Communists of Kyrgyzstan 141,034 5.12 8
Others unknown 42.84
Total (turnout 71.93%) unknown 100.00 90
Source: IPU

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