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Supreme Court of Norway
Established 1815
Jurisdiction Norway
Location Oslo
Coordinates 59°54′51.63″N 10°44′40.19″E / 59.9143417°N 10.7444972°E / 59.9143417; 10.7444972
Authorized by Constitution of Norway
Number of positions 19
Chief Justice
Currently Tore Schei
Since 2002
The Supreme Court building in Oslo

The Supreme Court of Norway was established in 1815 on the basis of the Constitution of Norway's §88, prescribing an independent judiciary. It is located in Oslo and is Norway's highest court. In addition to serving as the court of final appeal for civilian and criminal cases, it can also rule whether the cabinet has acted in accordance with Norwegian law; and whether the legislature has passed legislation consistently with the constitution.

The Supreme Court of Norway is Norway's highest court. It has the entire kingdom of Norway as its jurisdiction. The Supreme Court is a court of appeal, i.e. cases can not be brought before the court if they are not tried in a district court and in most cases also in a regional court of appeal. Although the Supreme Court is a court of appeal, its primary role is not simply to be yet another hearing of the case that has been heard by two independent previous courts. The Supreme Court therefore has the prerogative to decide itself which cases it shall hear. This leads the court to hear cases of principal importance, where clarification is needed or where standards need to be set. Rulings set substantial precedence for the lower courts as well as the Supreme Court itself.

As a subject to Norwegian law, you have no right to be heard in the Supreme Court, as the universal Human Rights article on a fair trial is believed to be satisfied with the district courts and the regional courts as courts of appeal.

The Supreme Court has a committee consisting of three judges, that decides what cases shall be tried in the Supreme Court. The same committee decides in procedural questions appealed from the lower courts.

A normal Supreme Court case is decided by five judges. However the chief justice can decide that all judges hear the case. Such "plenum-cases" often involve fundamental questions or cases that might alter the Supreme Courts own precedence.

The court is chaired by a Chief Justice with eighteen judges. The current chief justice is Tore Schei.


List of judges

Accurate as of 1 November 2009.[1]

Name Start of term Year of birth End of term
Schei, ToreTore Schei (Chief Justice) 1986 (2002) 1946 2016
Gjølstad, LivLiv Gjølstad 1988 1945 2015
Gussgard, KarenanneKarenanne Gussgard 1990 1940 2010
Tjomsland, SteinarSteinar Tjomsland 1991 1948 2018
Coward, KirstiKirsti Coward 1994 1940 2010
Flock, HansHans Flock 1996 1940 2010
Matningsdal, MagnusMagnus Matningsdal 1997 1951 2021
Bruzelius, Karin MariaKarin Maria Bruzelius 1997 1941 2011
Skoghøy, Jens Edvin A.Jens Edvin A. Skoghøy 1998 1955 2025
Utgård, Karl ArneKarl Arne Utgård 1999 1951 2021
Stabel, IngseIngse Stabel 2001 1946 2016
Støle, Ole BjørnOle Bjørn Støle (leave of absence) 2002 1950 2020
Øie, Toril MarieToril Marie Øie 2003 1960 2030
Tønder, BårdBård Tønder 2006 1948 2018
Endresen, ClementClement Endresen 2006 1949 2019
Indreberg, HildeHilde Indreberg 2007 1957 2027
Bårdsen, ArnfinnArnfinn Bårdsen 2008 1966 2036
Møse, ErikErik Møse 2009 1950 2020
Webster, BergljotBergljot Webster 2009 1966 2036
Matheson, WilhelmWilhelm Matheson 2009 1955 2025

Former judges

Name Start of term Year of birth End of term
Lund, Eilert StangEilert Stang Lund 1995 1939 2009
Broch, Lars OftedalLars Oftedal Broch 1996 1939 2009
Lund, KetilKetil Lund 1990 1939 2009

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