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The Suzanne award is awarded to animators using Blender 3D annually since the second blender conference held in Amsterdam 2003.

The categories of the Suzanne Award changed repeatedly since the first Suzanne awards.


Suzanne awards 2003

  • "Best Art"
  • "Best Animation": Andreas Goralczyk
  • "Best Coding Contribution"
  • "Special Achievement"

Suzanne awards 2004

  • "Best Artwork": @ndy by Andreas Goralczyk
  • "Best Animation": Chicken Chair by Bassam Kurdali
  • "Best Python Script": Make Human Team
  • "Best Coding Contribution": Kester Maddock
  • "Special Achievement": Bart Veldhuizen

Suzanne awards 2005

  • "Best Animation, original idea or story": New Penguoen 2.38 by Enrico Valenza
  • "Best Animation Artwork": Esign by Chris Larkee
  • "Best Character Animation": Cycles by Haunt_House

Suzanne awards 2006

  • "Best Online Art Gallery": Enrico Cerica
  • "Best Character Animation": Man in Man by Sacha Goedegebure
  • "Best Animation, original idea or story": Infinitum by Sam Brubaker

Suzanne awards 2007

  • "Best Designed Short Film": Stop by Eoin Duffy
  • "Best Character Animation": The Dance of the Bashfull Dwarf by Juan Pablo Bouza
  • "Best Short Film": Night of the Living Dead Pixels by Astralpancakes

Suzanne awards 2008

  • "Best Designed Short Film": Gameland by Yohann Mepa
  • "Best Character Animation": Interviews From the Future by Spark Digital Entertainment
  • "Best Short Film": Hanger No. 5 by Nathan Matsuda

Suzanne awards 2009

  • "Best Designed Short Film": Evolution by Alex Glawion
  • "Best Character Animation": Dragosaurio by Claudio Anduar
  • "Best Short Film": Memory by Ryusuke Furuya, Junichi Yamamoto

The Official Blender Conference is held annually in October, in Amsterdam and is the highpoint of Blender activity each year. Suzanne awards were initiated to inspire, encourage and show off work that is being done in Blender and to highlight the power of the package.

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