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Sweet 7
Studio album by Sugababes
Released 15 March 2010
(see release history)
Recorded April 2009 - January 2010;
London; Los Angeles; New York
Genre R&B, electropop, dance-pop
Length 43:48
Label Island, Roc Nation
Producer The Smeezingtons, StarGate, Fernando Garibay, RedOne, Jonas Jeberg, Syience, Martin Kleveland
Sugababes chronology
Catfights and Spotlights
Sweet 7
Singles from Sweet 7
  1. "Get Sexy"
    Released: 30 August 2009
  2. "About a Girl"
    Released: 9 November 2009
  3. "Wear My Kiss"
    Released: 22 February 2010

Sweet 7 is the seventh studio album by British pop band Sugababes released on 15 March 2010 in the UK through Island Records. It is the first album from the group since signing up to Jay Z's US record label Roc Nation, as well as the first since the highly controversial departure of longest serving member Keisha Buchanan.

The album has heavy electropop and dance pop influence, due to the involvement of U.S. writers and producers such as RedOne, Fernando Garibay and Norwegian production team StarGate. It also features one vocal collaboration from Sean Kingston.

It was proceeded by three singles including "Get Sexy" which was the last single to feature Buchanan's vocals and peaked at number two. Then in November the second single "About a Girl" was released and peaked at number eight becoming the first single to feature vocals from the newest member Jade Ewen. In February 2010 "Wear My Kiss" was released as the third single and peaked at number seven giving the album it's third top ten hit in the UK.


Background and production

Prior to the album's creation, Sugababes signed a U.S. record deal with Jay-Z's label Roc Nation.[1] The album was recorded by Sugababes mostly in Los Angeles and New York but as a producer like them so much they did a couple of sessions in London.[2] The group primarily worked with RedOne,[3] Ryan Tedder,[3] Stargate,[2] Fernando Garibay,[4], Jack Lucien[5] (on the songs About A Girl and Wait For You [6]), up-and-coming production team the Smeezingtons (Phillip Lawrence and Bruno Mars).[7] One of the album's tracks, "No More You", was written by Ne-Yo.[2] Keisha Buchanan compared the song to Rihanna's "Hate That I Love You" and "Take a Bow".[8] The group also collaborated with Sean Kingston.[8] Sugababes also joked that "Rihanna's been like our fourth member, listening to all our songs and saying what she liked and what she didn't like."[7] Buchanan told BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat, the album has "definitely got the British feel throughout the album - we've not gone away and gone 'All American' on our fans."[2] Buchanan continued, "I think it's given us a fresh energy again. I think the one thing we wanted to do was come back with something different."[2] She also admitted the girls had become "complacent" around the time of Catfights and Spotlights but they also said that they are very proud of that album.[3]

Controversy and line-up change

After the release of the album's first single "Get Sexy" and just two months before its projected November release, it was reported by the media that Amelle Berrabah had quit the group.[9][10][11] Buchanan, however, denied any drama within the group and insisted that Berrabah would remain a member "for the moment". On 21 September 2009, it was officially announced that Buchanan had left the band,[12] although she stated it was not her decision to leave.[13] Buchanan, will now pursue a solo career with Island Records, whilst former Eurovision Song Contest entrant Ewen becomes the new Sugababe. Ewen immediately began recording her vocals over Buchanan's in preparation for the album's release in November.[14]


The album was scheduled for release on 9 November 2009, but since the line-up change has occurred, the album has been pushed back numerous times and will now be in stores on the 15 March 2010. Its Mainland European release was reported to come much earlier with the album already scheduled for release in the Netherlands on 20 November and in Germany on 4 December 2009.[15] Although it has now been confirmed that mainland Europe will receive the album on 12 March 2010 with Ireland whilst the UK receives the album on 15 March, delaying the album another week. The album has been released in Poland on 5 March 2010. On 23 February, it was confirmed by Amelle Berrabah that the album would now be released on 15 March.



  • "Get Sexy", produced by The Smeezingtons[16], Released on 31 August 2009, peaked at number two in the UK and is the last single from the group to feature longest serving member Keisha Buchanan.
  • "About a Girl", produced by RedOne, is the second single was released on 9 November - the date that the album was originally to be released on - with newly recorded vocals from new member Jade Ewen and peaked number eight.
  • "Wear My Kiss", produced by Fernando Garibay was released as the third single on 22 February 2010, three weeks before the album is released. The single debuted at number seven in the UK on February 28th.


 Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Daily Mirror 2/5 stars[17]
Daily Telegraph 3/5 stars[18]
Drowned in Sound 3/10 stars[19]
The Guardian 2/5 stars[20]
The Independent 1/5 stars[21]
London Evening Standard 2/5 stars[22]
NME 4/10 stars[23]
State 1/5 stars[24]
The Times 1/5 stars[25]
Virgin Media 2/5 stars[26]

The album has received overwhelmingly negative reviews amongst critics with the recurring theme of stating that the music doesn't quite fit the group and that they have been oveshadowed by their fourth line-up change. Caroline Sullivan of The Guardian called the album "disappointing" and criticised the band's inexplicable shift in sound, stating that "most [of the tracks] are in either in thrall to Lady Gaga's robotronic sound or, as with the oozing lust of "Get Sexy", just wrong for this particular band".[20] Alex Denney of NME also agreed that the album was too generic "Sweet 7 leaves us hankering after the good old days. This being the group’s first record since signing with Jay-Z imprint Roc Nation in the States, it shares the Europop/Auto-Tune fixations of the US mainstream du jour: 'Get Sexy' sounds like a lazy, latter-day Timbaland joint, and 'About a Girl' is a slice of future-house from Lady Gaga’s chum RedOne. But time was we could expect more than bland consistency from the Sugababes – shame.[23]

Gavin Martin of Daily Mirror went a step further referring the album as a commercial mess which lacked soul, "Britain's longest-standing girl group franchise are revealed as an all-panting, thrusting enterprise. The songs allow them to play loudmouths at the bar, dancefloor hustlers and video shape throwers, but the lack of soul drags the whole enterprise down."[17] The Independent's Andy Gill agreed stating that the "Sugababes finally slipped from being a band to a brand." He went on to criticise their lack of character, "The problem is that this policy of replenishment has eroded both the trio's character and its appeal ... for all the involvement of new writers and producers such as Red One, Stargate and The Smeezingtons, there's nothing here with anything like the adhesive, infectious quality of 'Push the Button'. Mostly, it's just generic disco stompers..."[21]

Meanwhile Rick Pearson of the London Evening Standard put Sweet 7's shortcoming down to the removal of Keisha Buchanan. He said "the departure of their leader sees the girl-group — Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen, if you're struggling to keep up — grasping for an identity on Sweet 7. "Miss Everything" aims for Rihanna territory with its R&B backing and autotuned vocals, while 'Give It to Me Now' pitches for the powerpop of Girls Aloud. Neither is convincing. The girls carry off the silly electropop of 'Get Sexy' capably enough but Buchanan is sorely missed during more melodic moments — particularly on the piano-led closer, 'Little Miss Perfect'."[22] Dan Cairnes from The Times gave the album its most scathing review citing all of the issues above for its failures, "Heidi Range may have notched up an impressive nine years as a Sugababe, but she has never been a match, vocally, for either Mutya Buena or Buchanan, and she now has to share singing duties with the equally bland Berrabah and Ewen. If only whoever decided to persevere with the Babes brand had shown as much cussedness when it came to choosing the songs here. A trio who once swaggered to No 1 with a Gary Numan mash-up ("Freak Like Me") are now reduced to vamping joylessly through Right Said Fred's 'I'm Too Sexy', on 'Get Sexy', and cosying up to Sean Kingston on the dire 'Miss Everything'. Sugababes in 2010 are a pale, karaoke imitation of the glory days. Regrettably, if miraculously, the latest line-up remained the same as we went to press." [25] Simon Price of The Independent gave a particularly scathing review, stating that the current lineup "can call themselves what they like, but they'll never fill the heels of Keisha, Mutya and Siobhan. It's over." [27]

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Get Sexy"   Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine, Richard Fairbrass, Fred Fairbrass, Rob Manzoli The Smeezingtons 3:14
2. "Wear My Kiss"   Fernando Garibay, Mars, Lawrence, Carlos Battey, Steven Battey Fernando Garibay 3:44
3. "About a Girl"   Makeba Riddick, Nadir Khyat RedOne 3:28
4. "Wait for You"   Garibay, Mars, Lawrence Fernando Garibay 3:50
5. "Thank You for the Heartbreak"   Ryan Tedder, Mikkel Eriksen, Tor Hermansen, Claude Kelly StarGate 3:41
6. "Miss Everything" (featuring Sean Kingston) Mars, Lawrence, Levine, Brody Brown The Smeezingtons 3:39
7. "She's a Mess"   Mars, Lawrence, Levine The Smeezingtons 3:25
8. "Give It to Me Now"   Crystal Johnson, Reggie Perry Syience 3:00
9. "Crash & Burn"   Jonas Jeberg, Marcus Bryant, Nakisha Smith Jonas Jeberg 3:37
10. "No More You"   Shaffer Smith, Eriksen, Hermansen StarGate 4:12
11. "Sweet & Amazing (Make It the Best)"   Rob Allen, Eriksen, Hermansen, Martin Kleveland, Bernt Stray StarGate, Martin K 3:50
12. "Little Miss Perfect"   Hermansen, Eriksen, Kelly StarGate 3:46

Chart Performance

This is the group's first album to contain three 'UK top ten singles, and the first ever Sugababes album to contain three top-ten singles with Amelle Berrabah's vocals, with three previous albums having 3-4 top-ten singles without Amelle Berrabah's vocals with the album Three having all 4 singles charting within the top-ten.

Release history

Region Date Label(s)
Poland 5 March 2010[28] Universal Music (Int.)
Australia[29] 12 March 2010
Ireland Island Records
United Kingdom 15 March 2010
Germany[31] 16 March 2010 Universal Music (Int.)
Canada[32] 23 March 2010


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