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Packages of swim diapers

A swim diaper or pool diaper is a diaper that is made for infants and toddlers to be worn underneath a bathing suit. Swim diapers serve the purpose of protecting both the bathing suit and the pool water from the child's excrement.

Both reusable and disposable swim diapers exist. One of the most popular brands of disposable swim diapers is Little Swimmers, made by Huggies. They are sold in three sizes: small (16–26 lb or 7–12 kg), medium (24–34 lb or 11–15 kg) and large (over 32 lb or 14 kg+). They are not as absorbent as any of the other available Huggies brand products. This is due to the water-logged environment they are designed to be used in. They are designed mainly for easy clean-up after a swim. di

Issues with swim diapers

As with normal diapers, swim diapers are not permitted in many public pools, due to the still existing health risks involved. This product does include leak guards, but it is uncertain as to whether these are effective in this type of environment.

Absorbent swim diapers that do not contain all leaks are believed to be responsible for the transmission of e. coli due to the harmful bacteria found in fecal matter[1].

Health experts caution that swim diapers do not protect pool water against communicable diseases, such as norovirus[2].


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