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Syndicate comes from the French word syndicat which means trade union (syndic meaning administrator), from the Latin word syndicus which in turn comes from the Greek word σύνδικος (syndikos) which means caretaker of an issue, compare to ombudsman or representative.


Crime syndicates

Crime syndicates are criminal organizations 'running common businesses'.


In media, syndicates are organizations by name and credit.


In finance, a group of banks lending, for a specific purpose and to one single borrower, a - mostly large - amount of money is referred to as a bank syndicate or often only as a syndicate.

In investment banking, refers to a group of investment banks that share underwriting risk in respect to an issuer's securities. Referred to as the underwriting syndicate.

Worker-managed enterprise

Anarchists, syndicalists and other libertarian socialists use the word "syndicate" to refer to an enterprise democratically managed by its workers. Such an enterprise is governed by a face-to-face meeting of everyone who works there, in which each worker has one vote. Either there are no managers, or the managers are democratically elected and recallable. In either case, the most important decisions are made collectively by the whole workforce. This is known as workers' self-management.

Lottery syndicate

People sometimes play the lottery in a syndicate to increase their chances of winning.

The World's first commercial multi-lottery system, commenced in 2009 in the United Kingdom,trading as and owned by a UK company, The Jackpot Store Limited.This innovative idea was the brainchild of John. S. Wiley and developed by him and a business partner Brent Harding.


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SYNDICATE, a term originally meaning a body of syndics. In this sense it is still sometimes used, as at the university of Cambridge, for the body of members or committee responsible for the management of the University Press. In commerce, a syndicate is a body of persons who combine to carry through some financial transaction, or who undertake a common adventure. Syndicates are very often formed to acquire or take over some undertaking, hold it for a short time, and then resell it to a company. The profits are then distributed and the syndicate dissolves. Sometimes syndicates are formed under agreements which constitute them mere partnerships, the members being therefore individually responsible, but they are now more generally incorporated under the Companies Acts.

The more usual cases in which syndicates are commonly formed will be found in F. B. Palmer's Company Precedents, 10th ed., vol. i. pp. 129 seq.

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Developer(s) Bullfrog Productions
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Release date 1993
Genre not sure?
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s) N/A
Platform(s) Amiga, Jaguar, 3DO, Mac, PC, Sega Megadrive, SNES
Media Floppy disk, CD-ROM, Cartridge
Input Mouse / Controller
Credits | Soundtrack | Codes | Walkthrough

Syndicate is an isometric view game set in the future where large companies (rather then governments) rule the world. Each company is trying to take over control of each others countries. To do this you control a squad of cyborgs as they enter hostile territories in order to undertake all sorts of different missions ranging from murder to espionage, but all centred around the eventual overtaking of that country.

Each country you control gives your company more money to spend. You can buy more cyborgs and upgrade them with bionic legs, arms, heart, eyes, torso and brain. Different weapons can also be bought but you first need to "discover" how to make them. This is done by giving money to your research team, the more money the faster it's available, although bringing back an example of a new weapon that you've stolen off an enemy agent brings the research along a lot quicker.

It also has a sequel: Syndicate Wars.

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