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Synergy+ (synergy-plus)
Original author(s) Chris Schoeneman
Developer(s) S. Sbârnea, N. Bolton, et al.
Initial release February 2009
Stable release 1.3.4 / 2 March 2009
Written in C++
Operating system Cross-platform
Development status Maintained
Type Free network-related software
License GPLv2
As of 11 June 2009

Synergy+ is a fork of Synergy, a free open source software application for sharing a keyboard and mouse between computers over a network. The project is hosted on Google Code's project hosting, under the project name, synergy-plus.

Synergy+ supports Windows Vista and Windows 7, Mac OS X (10.5), and Linux (2.6 kernel). The first version of Synergy (created on May 13, 2001[1] by Chris Schoeneman, also known as "crs") worked with the X Window System only, but more recent versions of Synergy support Windows XP, Mac OS X (10.2), Linux and other Unix dialects.


Maintenance fork

Synergy+ was created as a maintenance fork for the purpose of fixing bugs inherited from the original version. The original version of Synergy has not been updated for a notable length of time (as of 17 March 2010, the latest release was 2 April 2006),[2][3] and a large number of bugs are still being reported to date.[4] There is no official confirmation that the original Synergy project has been abandoned, however, there is public discussion providing speculation.[5] In said discussion, Chris Schoeneman (the creator of Synergy)[6] stated that instead of supporting a 1.3.x team, he intends on releasing version 2.0 of Synergy, and publicly announced that he has been making progress on this version.[7]

The concept of sharing keyboard and mouse between computers is still popular according to a article.[8]

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