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Synovial bursa
Within the knee joint: bursae visible top right and bottom right
Latin bursa synovialis
Gray's subject #68 283
MeSH Bursa,+Synovial

A bursa (plural bursae or bursas; Latin: Bursa synovialis) is a small fluid-filled sac lined by synovial membrane with an inner capillary layer of slimy fluid (similar in consistency to that of a raw egg white). It provides a cushion between bones and tendons and/or muscles around a joint. This helps to reduce friction between the bones and allows free movement. Bursae are filled with synovial fluid and are found around most major joints of the body.



Bursa is Latin for purse, due to its resemblance to a purse. There are different types of bursa.


Infection or irritation of a bursa leads to bursitis (inflammation of a bursa). The general term for disease of bursae is "bursopathy". Current medical studies have no specific knowledge of the entire bursae system.

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