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T-Mek is a two-player, sit-down, virtual reality fighting arcade game manufactured by Atari Games in 1994. Each player can choose their MEK (a hovering tank with special weapons and abilities). One player can play against 6 AI players and the occasional Boss, or two players can play against each other and 4 AI players. There is a special Tournament mode where two players can go one on one. Up to three T-Mek cabinets can be linked for six-player competitions. T-Mek was later ported to DOS and the Sega 32X; rather than linking multiple systems together, the home versions featured split-screen multiplayer for two players. The 32X version was poorly reviewed, while the DOS version was met with fair reviews.[citation needed]

Atari could not compete with the Japanese game manufacturers in hardware development, so T-Mek did not offer a great leap in graphics or computing capability. As a result, T-Mek was one of the first arcade games to offer an effective surround sound solution, which Atari euphemistically named "CAGE Audio". Each player's station had 4 fairly-high quality speakers; two in front and two behind the player, and a subwoofer mounted directly below the seat, which was quite effective in rattling a player in battle. T-Mek has no background music soundtrack, which was a departure for "deluxe" arcade games in the coming-of-age era of digitally-sampled audio, and instead relied upon the sound to help aid the player in finding enemies.


  • Hardware: Atari GT-system (also used in Primal Rage)
  • CPU: Motorola 68000 series.
  • Joysticks: Robust construct analog, one trigger and one thumb button per stick, two sticks per seat.
  • Monitors: Dual 25" Wells-Gardner K7000 standard-resolution.
  • Power supply: Standard PC AT.
  • Code: Written in C.

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Box artwork for T-MEK.
Developer(s) Atari
Latest version 5.1: The Warlords
Release date(s)
Sega 32X
Genre(s) Action
System(s) Arcade, Sega 32X, MS-DOS
Players 1-2
T-MEK marquee

T-MEK is an arcade game involving combat between tank-like vehicles called MEKs in a struggle to possess the throne of the galaxy. Players choose a difficulty and then select from a variety of MEKs.

It was ported to the Sega 32X, and later to MS-DOS. Both home versions feature reduced graphics and somewhat altered gameplay. While the arcade game had each player in a separate pod, the home versions usew splitscreen instead.

Table of Contents

Getting Started
  • Arenas
  • Warlords


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