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Symbol TBR1
Entrez 10716
HUGO 11590
OMIM 604616
RefSeq NM_006593
UniProt Q16650
Other data
Locus Chr. 2 q24.2

T-box, brain, 1 also known as TBR1 is a transcription factor of T-box family. TBR1 was identified in 1995.[1] Human and murine TBR1 proteins have similar structure and are both highly homologous to the product of Brachyury gene. In humans, the TBR1 protein is encoded by the TBR1 gene.[1]

TBR1 may act in tandem with CASK to control transcription of T-element-containing genes, including RELN and GRIN2B.[2] Targeted disruption of TBR1 in mice leads to reeler-like cortical phenotype.[3]

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