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TEAC Corporation
Type Public (TYO: 6803)
Founded Tokyo (29 August 1953)
Headquarters Japan Tokyo, Japan
Key people Yoshiaki Sakai, Chairman of the Board; Yuji Hanabusa, President; Koichi Nakamura, President of TEAC America, Inc.; Yoshihide Nomura, Finance Director; Satoshi Higuchi, Managing Director; Shigeshi Maenaka, Chief Director of Group; Kazuhiko Kawamura, Executive Officer; Tetsuo Oikawa, Executive Officer; Nobuo Wada, Manager of Business Strategy Office
Industry electronics manufacturing
Products peripheral equipment; consumer and professional audio equipment; information equipment
Employees Consolidated: 6,391 (as of 31 March as of 2006)

TEAC Corporation (pronounced "Tee-ack") TYO: 6803 is an electronics company based in Japan. TEAC was founded in 1956 as the Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company.

TEAC has four divisions:

  • TASCAM - consumer to professional audio products, mostly recording
  • ESOTERIC - High-end consumer audio products
  • TEAC Consumer Electronics - Mass market audio products
  • Data Storage and Disk Publishing Products - Floppy drives, DVD and CD recorders and drives, MP3 players & NAS storage

TEAC is known for its audio equipment, and was a primary manufacturer of high-end audio equipment in the 1970s and 1980s. During that time, TEAC produced notable reel-to-reels, cassette decks, CD players, turntables and amplifiers.

Of particular note is that TEAC produced an audio cassette with tape hubs reels that resembled reel-to-reel tape reels in appearance. Many manufactures of the time used these TEAC cassettes in advertisements of their tape decks because the TEAC cassettes looked more professional than standard audio cassettes, and because reel-to-reel tape recordings were known to be of higher quality than cassette recordings.

In the 80s and 90s TEAC became well known for producing inexpensive high quality floppy disk drives. Up until the mid 90's floppy drive quality was inconsistent, often resulting in a disk that could be read only with the drive that wrote it due to minor variances in manufacturing specifications. TEAC became a leader in high quality floppy drives during this time and was a selling point in advertisements of the time.

TEAC audio products
The TEAC 2340, a popular early (1973) home multitrack recorder, four tracks on ¼ inch tape. 
TEAC CRC 90 minute audio cassette. Note that the tape reels resemble a reel-to-reel tape with the tape covered by a plastic covering, this is for cosmetic appearance only, and is not thought to improve quality of the audio cassette. 

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