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The Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Western Macedonia is a Higher Educational Institution (A.E.I.) according to the Laws (Ν.2916/2001, Ν.3549/2007, Ν.3685/2008, Ν.3794/2009) based in Kozani, Greece. The institution, which was founded in 1976, operates satellite campuses in the nearby towns of Kastoria, Florina and Grevena.



  • Faculty of Administration and Economy (seat:Kozani), Departments:
    • Financing Applications
    • Accountant
    • Administration of Enterprises
    • International Trade (seat: Kastoria)
    • Public Relations and Communication (seat: Kastoria)
    • Information technology and Technology of Computers (seat: Kastoria)
    • Applications of Information technology in Administration and economy (seat: Grevena)
  • Faculty of Technology of Agronomics (seat: Florina), Departments:
    • Animal Production
    • Plant Production
    • Marketing and Qualitative Control of Rural Products

New Faculties and departments

A new Faculty that will function from 2009:

New Departments that will function from 2009:

    • Administration of Supply Systems (seat: Grevena)
    • Operational Planning of Computer scientist Systems (seat: Grevena)


From 2006 onwards, the Institution has been experiencing severe problems in attracting candidates, due to the implementation of government policy that specified minimum academic requirements for enrolment in undergraduate programmes. As a result of this policy, enrolment has dropped from 4,000 students per year to 2,000.[1] As several departments have failed to enrol even one new student[2] questions have been raised as to the viability of the institution.[3]

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