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Manufacturer VeriFone
Type General-purpose Point of Sale (POS) device
Operating system Proprietary VeriFone TCL
Power 9VAC, 1A
CPU Zilog Z80
Display 16-character vacuum fluorescent display
Input Card reader, two serial ports, optional bar code or PIN pad device
Touchpad 16-key numeric keypad
Connectivity Modem (300/1200 baud), two serial ports

The TRANZ 330 is a popular point-of-sale device manufactured by VeriFone in 1985. The most common application for these units is bank and credit card processing, however, as a general purpose computer, they can perform other novel functions. Other applications include gift/benefit card processing, prepaid phone cards, payroll and employee timekeeping, and even debit and ATM cards. They are programmed in a proprietary VeriFone TCL language (Terminal Control Language), which is unrelated to the Tool Command Language used in UNIX environments.


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