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Transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily C, member 4
Symbols TRPC4; HTRP4; MGC119570; MGC119571; MGC119572; MGC119573; TRP4
External IDs OMIM603651 MGI109525 HomoloGene22955 IUPHAR: TRPC4 GeneCards: TRPC4 Gene
RNA expression pattern
PBB GE TRPC4 220818 s at tn.png
PBB GE TRPC4 220817 at tn.png
More reference expression data
Species Human Mouse
Entrez 7223 22066
Ensembl ENSG00000133107 ENSMUSG00000027748
UniProt Q9UBN4 Q0VB97
RefSeq (mRNA) NM_016179 NM_016984
RefSeq (protein) NP_057263 NP_058680
Location (UCSC) Chr 13:
37.11 - 37.34 Mb
Chr 3:
54.24 - 54.41 Mb
PubMed search [1] [2]

Transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily C, member 4, also known as TRPC4, is a human gene encoding a protein of the same name.



TRPC4 has been shown to interact with TRPC1,[1][2] ITPR1[3][4] and TRPC5.[2]

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  • Cavalié A (2007). "Ionic channels formed by TRPC4.". Handb Exp Pharmacol 179 (179): 93–108. doi:10.1007/978-3-540-34891-7_5. PMID 17217052.  


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