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TS may stand for:

In biology, chemistry, engineering, medicine, meteorology and physics

  • Tensile strength, a measures of the force required to pull something
  • Thymidylate synthase, the enzyme used to generate thymidine monophosphate
  • Tosyl in chemistry, combines the toluene and sulfonyl functional groups
  • Tourette syndrome, a neurological condition involving involuntary tics
  • Transsexual, a person who identifies as the gender opposite to the sex assigned to them at birth
  • Tropical storm, an organized system of strong thunderstorms
  • Tuberous sclerosis, a disease that causes benign tumours in the brain and on other organs
  • Turner syndrome, a group of chromosomal abnormalities

In business, computing and technology:

  • MPEG transport stream (.ts), communications protocol for audio, video, and data
  • TeamSpeak, a voice chat software
  • TechSpot, an online computer enthusiast magazine
  • Telesync, an unauthorized movie capture method
  • Tenaris TS: NYSE, a global manufacturer of steel pipe products
  • Terminal Services, a component of Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Timestamp, a time code or a digitally signed timestamp as in {ts '2005-10-27 00:00:00'}
  • Train simulator, a computer program that simulates rail transport operations
  • Transaction server, a software component that is used in implementing transactions

In culture, politics and society:

In language, linguistics, literature and media:

In transportation:


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  1. (metrology) Symbol for the terasiemens, an SI unit of electrical conductance equal to 1012 siemens.




  1. transsexual
  2. transcript
  3. tough shit (polite form)



  1. Technical Standard (usage from ISO)
  2. Turbine Ship - steam turbine powered steamship


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