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ZON Multimédia
Type Sociedade Anónima (equivalent to Incorporated) (Euronext: PTZON0AM0006)
Genre Telecommunications
Cable Television
Founded 1994 (as PT Multimédia)
2007 (spin-off from Portugal Telecom)
Headquarters Lisbon, Portugal
Products ZON TVCabo (Cable Television)
ZON Netcabo (Internet)
ZON Phone (VoIP)
ZON Mobile (MVNO)

ZON Multimédia is a Portuguese media holding company whose main assets include a satellite, cable operator and ISP (TVCabo), a movie distributor (Lusomundo) and a virtual carrier of mobile phone services. Its services include cable television, cable internet and VOIP. ZON Multimédia (formerly PT Multimédia) is the spun-off media arm of Portugal Telecom. ZON Multimédia produces several premium channels for the TVCabo platform, which include SportTV (joint-venture with Controlinveste), TVCine and MOV. Lusomundo is also the home-video distributor of Walt Disney Pictures and Paramount Pictures releases in the Portuguese market, alongside of launching several independent and European titles.

ZON was founded in 1994, and was the second cable operator to be founded in Portugal (the first was the regional Bragatel, which was acquired by TV Cabo in 2007). ZON is the sole cable provider in many areas of the country, which leads to its monopolistic position.

The company might be considered a Portuguese dot-com. In the PT Multimédia days, it brought Portugal Telecom SAPO (a successful web portal and search engine, sold to its parent company in 2005), Lusomundo (a successful movie distribuitor, movie theater operator included in the spun-off company and, formerly, the owner of the Diário de Notícias newspaper and the TSF radio, which were sold to Controlinveste the same year as SAPO was sold) and several TV channels such as Sport TV, CNL (now SIC Notícias) and TVCine (MOV was only created after the spin-off).

On January 17, 2008, ZON announced it would acquire TVTEL, its main competitor in both cable and satellite broadcasting in Porto region. Thus, ZON is strengthening its position due to the appearance of a new significant rival, meo from Portugal Telecom, using IPTV and satellite broadcasting systems, and still it is one cable operator ahead (Cabovisão) of being the sole cable television provider in Portugal.

On September 29, 2008, ZON Multimédia announced the new mobile product Zon Mobile (MVNO), the first real quad play operator in Portugal.

On November, 2008, ZON officially announced that it would enter the contest for the fifth channel that will be created at the same time as Digital Terrestrial Television is introduced in Portugal.

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