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The Taça de Moçambique, also known as Taça Moçambique (meaning Cup of Mozambique) is the second most important football competition of Mozambique, and it is organized by the Mozambican Football Federation. The competition's first edition was competed for in 1978.


Competition format

The competition is a one-legged single-elimination tournament between teams from all over the country.

The competition is divided in two parts. In the first part, which is called Fase Provincial (meaning Provincial Stage), clubs are split into regional groups in which they play against teams from the same province.

The second part of the cup, which is called Fase Nacional (meaning National Stage), is contested between 16 clubs, qualified from the Provincial Stage.

List of champions

Season Winner Score Runner-up
1978 Maxaquene 4-0 Ferroviário de Beira
1979 Palmeiras de Beira 2-2 (Palmeiras won on py) Têxtil do Púnguè
1980 Costa do Sol 3-1 Palmeiras de Beira
1981 Maxaquene 1-0 Costa do Sol
1982 Ferroviário de Maputo
1983 Desportivo de Maputo not available
1984 Costa do Sol not available
1985 not disputed
1986 Estrela Vermelha not available
1987 Maxaquene 3-0 Palmeiras
1988 Costa do Sol 1-0 Aguia d'Ouro
1989 Ferroviário de Maputo 2-0 Desportivo de Maputo
1990 Matchedje 3-1 Maxaquene
1991 Clube de Gaza 2-1 (after extra-time) Maxaquene
1992 Costa do Sol 4-1 (after extra-time) Clube de Gaza
1993 Ferroviário de Beira not available
1994 Maxaquene 1-0 Ferroviário de Maputo
1995 Costa do Sol not available Maxaquene
1995/96 Ferroviário de Maputo not available
1996/97 Maxaquene not available
1997/98 Costa do Sol not available
1998/99 Costa do Sol 5-0 Sporting de Nampula
1999/2000 Costa do Sol 1-0 Matchedje
2000/01 Maxaquene 3-1 Textáfrica
2001/02 Costa do Sol 2-0 Académica de Maputo
2003 Ferroviário de Nampula 1-1 (py 5-4) Ferroviário de Maputo
2004 Ferroviário de Maputo 5-1 Textáfrica
2005 Ferroviário de Beira 1-0 (after extra-time) Costa do Sol
2006 Desportivo de Maputo 1-0 Textil do Pungué
2007 Costa do Sol 3-0 Ferroviário de Nampula
2008 Atl. Muçulmano 1-0 Chingale (Tete)

Titles by team

Club Titles
Costa do Sol 10
Maxaquene 6
Ferroviário de Maputo 4
Ferroviário de Beira 2
Desportivo de Maputo 2
Clube de Gaza 1
Estrela Vermelha 1
Ferroviário de Nampula 1
Matchedje 1
Palmeiras 1
Atlético Muçulmano 1


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