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ICD-10 R06.0
ICD-9 786.06

Tachypnea (or "tachypnoea") (Greek: "rapid breathing") is characterized by rapid breathing.[1]

It is not identical with hyperventilation - tachypnea may be necessary for a sufficient gas-exchange of the body, for example after exercise, in which case it is not hyperventilation.

Tachypnea differs from hyperpnea in that tachypnea is rapid shallow breaths, while hyperpnea is rapid deep breaths.

Lungs and breathing activity
Commonly confused terminology
Shortness of breath or dyspnea - sensation of respiratory distress
Labored breathing - physical presentation of respiratory distress
Hyperventilation - increased breathing that causes CO2 loss
Hyperpnea - faster and/or deeper breathing
Tachypnea - increased breathing rate
Hyperaeration/Hyperinflation - increased lung volume

Tachypnea can also be a symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning in which oxygen delivery to the tissues and organs is blocked causing hypoxia and direct cellular injury.

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