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Tactical Hapkido Alliance
Tactical Hapkido Alliance
Also known as THA
Focus Self Defence, Hapkido
Country of origin United States United States of America
Creator Barry Rodemaker
Parenthood primarily Hapkido
Official website

The Tactical Hapkido Alliance is an expanding, governing body for the Korean based martial art of Hapkido with members primarily in the United States. Membership is made up of individuals who are proprietors of martial arts schools that teach Tactical hapkido or are representatives of the alliance. This alliance main office is headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania and its president and founder is Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker.


The Founder

Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker founded the Tactical Hapkido Alliance in 2001. On June 19, 2003 Grandmaster Rodemaker gained international acceptance as the founder of Tactical Hapkido by the International Black Belt Organization 1. Then on June 2, 2007 Grandmaster Rodemaker received the Dojunim and Degree of 8th dan recognition through the United States Head of Family Martial Arts Association International Supreme Elite Warrior Council 2

He is a strong Christian and routinely upholds his believes, as evident in his personal stories, articles 1 and he prominently displays the Biblical scripture Isaiah 54:17 on the alliance’s official website 3.

Grandmaster Rodemaker is married to Jean Rodemaker and he has six children in his family. He currently resides in Lawrence Park near Erie Pennsylvania 4.

Current Charters

The Tactical hapkido system has expanded to now 14 states with 21 registered martial arts academies having Tactical hapkido as a program in their school5.

Current Registered Academies:

United States of America:

Dr. Verdale Goins Kingdom Martial Arts Academy Aurora, Colorado

USA Martial Arts McDonough, Georgia

Kansas Tactical Hapkido Academy Topeka, Kansas

Instructor Dwight Rush Gonzales, Louisiana

Han Kuk Mu Sool Odenton, Maryland

Musa Do Hapkido Independence, Missouri

North Carolina:
Mc Neilly Mixed Martial Arts Dallas, North Carolina
Jacksonville Taekwondo Institute Jacksonville, North Carolina

New York:
Willow Heart Martial ArtsOneonta, New York

Tactical Martial Arts Academy - West Location Berea, Ohio
Tracy’s Karate and Apollo’s Fitness Studio Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Tactical Martial Arts Academy - East Location Macedonia, Ohio

Erie Institute of Tae Kwon Do Erie, Pennsylvania
Altoona Center for Martial Arts Altoona, Pennsylvania
Tae Kwon Do - Yun Moo Kwan Yeonmugwan Association McVeytown, Pennsylvania

Instructor Joe Capps Charles City, Virginia

Master James Peart Madison, Wisconsin
USA Academy of Martial Arts Kaukauna, Wisconsin
Instructor Isaac and Daryl Crawmer Fall River, Wisconsin

Dunamis Tao Fellowship of Martial Arts Kingsport, Tennessee

Barrett’s Taekwondo Brownsville, Texas


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Tactical Hapkido Alliance Links

Official Tactical Hapkido Website

Official "Tactical Hapkido - - Blog" Site

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