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Tadami Line (只見線) is a rail line in Japan, part of the East Japan Railway Company (JR East). It runs from Aizu Wakamatsu Station in Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, to Koide Station in Uonuma, Niigata Prefecture.

Route data

Route in Japan
  • Company: JR East
  • Total distance: 135.2 km (Aizu Wakamatsu to Koide)
  • Gauge: 1,067 mm
  • Stations: 38
  • Tracks: Single-track
  • Electrification: None
  • Block System:
    • Special Automatic Block System (Aizu Wakamatsu to Nishi-Wakamatsu, Ōshirakawa to Koide)
    • Tablet Block System (Nishi-Wakamatsu to Ōshirakawa)


Station Distance
Transfers Location
Aizu Wakamatsu * 0.0 JR East: West Ban'etsu Line Aizu Wakamatsu Fukushima
Nanukamachi 1.3  
Nishi Wakamatsu * 3.1 Aizu Railway: Aizu Line
Aizu Hongō 6.5  
Aizu Takada 11.3   Aizumisato
Negishi 14.8  
Niitsuru 16.8  
Wakamiya 18.9   Aizu Bange
Aizu Bange * 21.6  
Tōdera 26.0  
Aizu Sakamoto 29.7  
Aizu Yanaizu 33.3   Yanaizu
Gōdo 36.9  
Takiya 39.6  
Aizu Hinohara 41.5   Mishima
Aizu Nishikata 43.7  
Aizu Miyashita * 45.4  
Hayato 51.2  
Aizu Mizunuma 55.1   Kaneyama
Aizu Nakagawa 58.3  
Aizu Kawaguchi * 60.8  
Honna 63.6  
Aizu Kosugawa 70.0  
Aizu Yokota 73.2  
Aizu Ōshio 75.4  
Aizu Shiozawa 80.9   Tadami
Aizu Gamō 83.9  
Tadami * 88.4  
(special) Tagokura 95.0  
Ōshirakawa * 109.2   Uonuma Niigata
Kakinoki 112.4  
Irihirose 115.6  
Kamijō 118.7  
Echigo Suhara 123.1  
Uonuma Tanaka 127.0  
Echigo Hirose 129.5  
Yabukami 131.6  
Koide * 135.2 JR East: Jōetsu Line
*Switching possible




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