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Taekwang Group
Hangul 태광그룹
Revised Romanization Taegwang Geurup
McCune–Reischauer T'aegwang Kŭrup

Taekwang Group is a large South Korean chaebol (conglomerate), producing electronics, apparel, chemical, industry, and financial services products.

Roh Gun-ho, former president was embroiled in a multi-million dollar corruption case in relation to receiving more than 6 million USD from the Taekwang Group.


  • Taekwang Industry
  • Taekwang Synthetic Fiber (ChangShu, China)
  • Taekwang Swimwear fabric factory(ChangShu, China)
  • Daehan Synthetic Fiber
  • Seohan Corporation
  • Yoodeok Corporation
  • Taekyeong Corporation
  • Seongkwang Corporation
  • Hungkuk Ssangyong Fire
  • Hungkuk Life
  • Koryeo Mutual Savings Bank
  • Yegaram Mutual Savings Bank
  • Hungkuk Investment & Financial Services
  • Hungkuk Securities (original see Fides)
  • E-Channel
  • Iljoo Academy
  • Taekwang Tour Development
  • Dongrim Tour Development
  • Hanvit Network
  • Taekwang ICN
  • Taekwang Buk Busan Networks
  • Taekwang Systems
  • Taekwang Image Time
  • Taekwang Realco
  • Tbroad
  • Suwon Broadcasting Corporation
  • Taekwang KDMC
  • TJ Investment
  • Taekwang KOCOM
  • Bando Cable Broadcasting Corporation
  • Gwacheon Cable Networks
  • Asan Cable Networks
  • Iljoo Foundation
  • Hankook Book Holdings

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