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Taekwondo was introduced to the Philippines through the efforts of Kim Bok Man and Young Man Park.

Young Man Park founded the Philippine Taekwondo Association. Since 1971 to the present, the PTA has been run by Sun Chong Hong and PTA President Roberto Aventajado. The current head office and Dojang of the PTA is at Rizal Memorial Sports Complex. The PTA is a member of the World Taekwondo Federation and the Philippine Olympic Committee.





In the Philippines, different names are used for the following kicks.

  • Forty-five – a Roundhouse Kick to the torso
  • Turning-side – Pivoting on the front leg or ball of the foot and executing a Back kick.
  • Full-moon – Hook Kick
  • In-out – Crescent Kick – Raising the leg diagonally across your body moving outwards.
  • Out-in – Crescent Kick – Coming from the outside landing on the inside.
  • Stepping-side – Take a step and execute a Side Kick
  • Bullet – A rapid succession of alternate Fortyfive kicks.
  • Turning-long – Tornado kick, Dragon's whip kick, Spin Hook Kick
  • Jumping turning forty-five – Forward jump twist then executing a forty-five in midair.
  • Jumping out-in
  • Jumping Axe
  • Jumping turning out-in
  • Jumping turning-long – Jump Spin Hook Kick
  • Asian Turning Long – Forward jump twist at the same time or slightly after, from the rear, executing a forty-five in midair or fake/fiegning forty-five then turning long or spin kick.

Color of Belts

  • White Belt
  • Yellow Belt (Low)- 8th Kup
  • Yellow Belt (High)- 7th Kup
  • Blue Belt (Low) – 6th Kup
  • Blue Belt (High) – 5th Kup
  • Red Belt (Low)- 4th Kup
  • Red Belt (High)- 3rd Kup
  • Brown Belt (Low)- 2nd Kup
  • Brown Belt (High)- 1st Kup
  • Black Belt- 1st Dan
  • Black Belt- 2nd Dan

And so on until 9th Dan

List of notable Taekwondo black belts and Olympic representatives

  • John Mark Sabate ||
  • John Julius Zulueta |||
  • Shirlyn Pelaez |
  • Mark Joseph Avelino ||
  • Paul Cabatingan
  • Jeff Tamayo
  • Jonathan Tamayo
  • Jeff Figueroa
  • Benjie Magsino
  • Robie Canlas
  • Roberto Evangelista
  • Elmer G. Pato – Sec. General of the PTA
  • Jaime Martin
  • Alex Paolo Borromeo – 1996 World Junior Taekwondo champion (finweight).
  • Ramon Tusi
  • Monsour del Rosario
  • Stephen Fernandez
  • Tonette Lacson
  • Beatriz Lucero – Also representative to the Olympics in Gymnastics.
  • Rolando Campos – International Referee.
  • Greg Uy
  • Rolando "Rolly" Paterno
  • Dr. Manolo Gabriel -National coach and international referee.
  • Rocky Samson – National coach
  • Tshomlee Go
  • Jeffertom Go
  • Eric De Jesus
  • Dindo Simpao
  • Jasmin Strachan
  • Christopher Clemente
  • Arnold Baradi- Gold Medalist = 6th Asian Taekwondo Championships, Silver Medalist = 2nd World Games Taekwondo Championships
  • Miguel Ventosa – silver medalist 2nd World Games Taekwondo, Bronze Medalist 8th Asian Taekwondo Championships
  • Ali Atienza – The second Filipino to win a gold medal in the Asian Taekwondo and son of mayor Lito Atienza. Arnold Baradi was the first Filipino Gold medal winner in the Asian Tae Kwon Do. Ali Atienza won his gold in the '90s, while Baradi got his in the '80s)
  • Robert Vargas
  • Walter Dean Vargas- World medalist, Asian medalist, SEA games medalist and Olympian
  • Mary Alindogan
  • Alvin Taraya – Bronze Medalist 14th Asian Taekwondo Championships
  • Donald David Geisler III- Silver medalist at the 1998 World Taekwondo Championships, 1998 Bangkok Asian Games Silver Medalist, SEA Games Gold medalist in years 1999, 2003 and 2005. SEA Games Silver medalist in year 2001. 1996 World Junior TKD Championsihips Bronze medal
  • Kathleen Eunice Alora
  • Kristie Elaine Alora
  • Diana de Leon – (SEA Games Silver Medal 1989, SEA Games Gold Medal 1991 – featherweight division)
  • Eufreshnee Charisse Catalan (US Open Taekwondo Championship Gold Medalist)National Champion Best Player SEATU Silver Medalist
  • Marie Antoinette Rivero
  • Michael Alejandrino
  • John Paul "Japoy" Lizardo
  • Roberto "Kitoy" Cruz – 3 Times Silver Medalist (12th, 13th & 14th Taekwondo World Championships), Bronze Medalist 15th Taekwondo World Championships, 7 Times Gold Medalist South East Asian Games, Bronze Medalist-1998 & 2001 World Cup Taekwondo Championships.
  • Irene Ditan
  • Ulysses G. Marcelino
  • Catherine D. Marcelino
  • Eva Marie M. Ditan – World Cup Silver and Bronze medalist
  • Isabel Sarah A. De Leon – World University TKD Championships SILVER medalist
  • Anna Marissa A. De Leon – SEAG Silver, Bronze; ASIAN championships Bronze medalist
  • Ramil "The Hitman" Abratique – Silver medalist at the 10 World Championships and Gold at the South East Asian Games.
  • Veronica Domingo – SEA Games Gold Medalist
  • Esther Marie Singson-SEA Games Medalist
  • David Yuson Jr.
  • David Yuson Sr.
  • Nikki Uy
  • Paolo Angeles
  • Jr Rivero
  • Elmer Gregorio
  • Fidel Cunanan
  • Sabrina Simbulan
  • Jyra Lizardo
  • Manuel Potrido - Taekwondo super champion Cebu Interseminary contest, Singapore Taekwondo International Competition gold medalist, Jeet Kun Du championship ist-runner up, ABAP Golden Gloves awardee 2004. (also discovered the world's largest sweet potato one day in his training for a special offensive move of kicking soil to an opponent's face)

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