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Tahmasp II (1704? – 1740) was one of the last Safavid rulers of Persia (Iran).

Tahmasp was the son of Husayn (Safavid), the Shah of Iran at that time. When Husayn was forced to abdicate by the Afghans in 1722, Prince Tahmasp wished to claim the throne. He fled to Tabriz where he established a government. He gained the support of the Sunni Muslims of the Caucasus, as well as several Qizilbash tribes (including the Afshars, under the control of Iran's future ruler, Nader Shah). Tahmasp also eventually gained the recognition of both the Ottoman Empire and Russia, each worried about the other gaining too much influence in Iran. By 1729, Tahmasp had control of most of the country. He was deposed by the future Nader Shah in 1732 in favor of his son, Abbas III; both were murdered at Sabzevar in 1740 by Nader Shah's eldest son Reza-qoli Mirza.

Preceded by
Ashraf Khan
Shah of Iran
(Safavid Dynasty)
Succeeded by
Abbas III


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