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Tai Koo

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Tai Koo Station

Tai Koo Station

Line      Island Line
Code TAK
Service hours 0602 / 0112
Connections Minibus, bus
District Eastern
Area Kornhill
Map MTR Website
Coordinates 22°17′05″N 114°12′58″E / 22.284589°N 114.216120°E / 22.284589; 114.216120Coordinates: 22°17′05″N 114°12′58″E / 22.284589°N 114.216120°E / 22.284589; 114.216120
Opened May 31, 1985
Type of station Underground
Type of platforms Island
No. of platforms 2
No. of exits 9
No. of escalators 28
No. of lifts 3
No. of shops 13

Station location

Hong Kong MTR system map
Tai Koo Station
Chinese 太古
Literal meaning Archean / Swire

Tai Koo (Chinese: 太古) is a station on the Island Line of the Hong Kong MTR system. The station is located in Kornhill on the eponymous island and serves the area of Kornhill, including Kornhill Gardens, and Taikoo Shing. Tai Koo has a unique colour scheme; its livery is crimson. Tai Koo station is one of the busiest stations in the system.[citation needed]

The Chinese name of the station can mean Archean. However, the station was named after Taikoo Shing, which was built on the former site of Taikoo Docks. The docks were in turn named after Swire, which its Chinese name also being 太古.


Station layout

Tai Koo adheres to the general layout of most MTR stations. At ground level, there are numerous alphanumerically-named entrances and exits.

- Exits
Concourse customer service, MTRShops
vending machines, ATM
Octopus promotion machine
Platform 1      Island Line towards Chai Wan
Island platform, doors will open on the right
Platform 2      Island Line towards Sheung Wan

Platforms 1 and 2 are arranged in the simple island platform layout. Unlike most of the other underground stations on the Island Line, Tai Koo does not have separate tubes for each track and platform as the station was built in the cut and cover method. This means that although there are escalators and stairs in the middle of the platform, it has an open design and the platforms are not separated. Each platform is equipped with platform screen doors for safety and ventilation reasons.

Concourse shops

There are numerous shops on the concourse level of Tai Koo station including: 7-Eleven, Bank of China (Hong Kong)'s ATMs, Circle K Mini-store, Hang Seng Bank (with ATMs), Maxim's Cakes, Mrs. Fields Cookies, Okashi Land, an automatic photo machine (Max Sight Photo-Me), and two vending machines (Swire Coca-Cola).


There are five groups of entrances and exits at Tai Koo station labeled A to E. In certain circumstances, there are subsets of these exit groups; these are marked with numbers.

  • A: at the northeast corner of King's Road and Kornhill Road
  • B: opposite the intersection of King's Road and Kornhill Road, for Kornhill blocks N-R
  • C: between Kornhill Road and Hong On Street, for Kornhill blocks A-M and Kornhill Plaza South
  • D: between King's Road and Taikoo Shing Road
  • E: at northeastern corner of Kornhill Gardens at King's Road
    • E1: for Cityplaza[1]
    • E2: for Kornhill Gardens blocks 5-6
    • E3: for Kornhill Gardens blocks 7-10

Transport connections


To Kornhill
To Mount Parker Lodge
  • 32A (at exit B, E2 or E3)


To Tsz Wan Shan (Central)


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Preceding station   MTR   Following station
towards Sheung Wan
Island Line
towards Chai Wan

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