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In this Japanese name, the family name is Takaoka.
Takaoka Muneyasu
1st Takaoka clan of Izumo Province
Takaoka Muneyasu
Predecessor Kamakura period
Successor Takaoka Muneyoshi
Offspring Tahō-maru (He died young)
Takaoka Muneyoshi (adopted son)
Takaoka Muneyoshi's wife
Toda Moroyasu's wife
Died 13 August 1326 (aged 71)
Father Sasaki Yasukiyo
Mother Kasai Kiyochika's daughter

Takaoka Muneyasu (高岡宗泰 ?, 1255 - August 13, 1326) was a Shugodai of Oki Province[1] on Kamakura period. He was the founder of Takaoka clan in Izumo Province,[2] Japan.

Takaoka Muneyasu was the 8th son of Sasaki Yasukiyo.[3] His mother was Kasai Kiyochika's daughter. Muneyasu was Enya Yoriyasu[4]'s younger brother. He was originally named Minamoto no Muneyasu. His alias was "Takaoka Hachirō" or "Sasaki Hachirō". His wife is Ii clan (Ōmi Province). His official rank is Saemonnojyō. His family crest was "Hana-wachigai (Shippō-ni-hanakaku)".

Brief history

  • 1274 (Kōchō11th, December of moon calendar) Because Mongol had attacked it, he became a soldier of foreign enemy defense (Ikoku-keigo ban-yaku), and he went to Coast of Kurosaki, Chikuzen Province.
  • 1277 (Kenji3rd, April of moon calendar) He became a a acting governor in Oki Province[5] (to one theory governor in Oki Province).
  • 1287(Kōan10th) The territory Takaoka-mura, Enya-no-sato, Izumo Province, ingot was succeeded among his father Yasukiyo's inheritances. Therefore, he became a clan name "Takaoka" for the first time.
  • 1305 (Kagen3rd), When Hōjō Munekata was revolted (The Kakitsu War), he attacked rebels running after by the Shōgun instruction.
  • 1326 (Karyaku1st) August 13 He died. Age at death was 71 years old. His buddhist name was "Kakunen"[6].


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