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Takashi Tachibana (立花 隆 , たちばな たかし , タチバナ タカシ ?, born 28 May 1940 , Nagasaki, Nagasaki) is a Japanese independent journalist.Takashi is known for his acclaiming arguments on Japan's various social problems.

His real name is Takashi Tachibana (橘 隆志 , たちばな たかし different kanji characters ?)



Takashi graduated from the University of Tokyo , majoring in French literature. At one point he served in Bungeishunjū, however he only worked there for two years.

Notable issues

  • Tanaka Kakuei Kenkyu (田中角栄研究 The research on Kakuei Tanaka ?) : 1974
  • Lockheed Saiban to Sono Jidai (ロッキード裁判とその時代 Lockheed bribery scandals in 70's and 80's ?): 1981 to 1985
  • Nihon Kyōsan tō no Kenkyū (日本共産党の研究 The journalistic Researchs on Japan Communist Party ?): 1978
  • Nou wo Kiwameru (脳を究める The advanced researchs on Neuro-Brain functions ?): 1996
  • Iraku Sensou・Nihon no Unmei・Koizumi no Unmei (イラク戦争・日本の運命・小泉の運命 Iraq War , The destination of Japan , The leaderships of Junichiro Koizumi ?): 2004
  • Tennou to Toudai , Dai Nippon Teikoku no sei to shi (天皇と東大 大日本帝国の生と死 Hirohito and University of Tokyo , the end of Empire of Japan in 1945 ?)


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