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Directed by Swapan Saha
Produced by Subhash Chandra Goel
Starring Prasenjit
Rachana Banerjee
Music by Ashok Bhadra
Release date(s) 18 July 2008
Country India
Language Bengali

Takkar (Bengali: টক্কর "") (2008) is a Bengali film Directed by Swapan Saha.



Rich suburban girl Chaitali Choudhury marries nephew oriented man Ajoy (Prosenjit) against the wishes of her elder brother and aunt. But within a couple of months Chaitali (Rachana) and Ajoy go loggerheads over the issue of Ajoy's beloved nephew Arun (Rishi). Ajoy slaps Chaitali in front of her brother Joydeb's (Sudip) friend Shekhar. Chaitali leaves home even after repeated requests from Ajoy's mother and his widow sister Dipa to stay back. Ajoy transforms to a business tycon from a poor man after this incident. On the other hand Chatali is influenced against Ajoy by Joydeb, pisi (her anut) and Shekhar. 15 years go by. Though the estranged couple still love each other, they can never unite again due to social constraints. Mean while Arun grows up to become a spoilt brat. The uncle-nephew combo remains steady amidts all these mishaps Arun falls in love with Tithi who is accidentally bad man Joydeb's only daughter. There is another possitive character in Ranjan (Bhashwar) who tries to bring peace within the rival families. But Shekhar has another plans. He influenced Joydeb to sent a pack of killers to execute Ajoy. Ajoy fights bravely but injured. When Arun hears this news he rushes to kill Joydev and Shekhar in a fit of rage. But accidentally he chops off poor Ranjan's left hand with a chopper. Things complicate after this incident but when Ranjan withdraws the case over Arun, he takes oath to become a good man and unite his uncle and aunt. Tithi helps Arun wholeheartedly in this mission. Ultimately after numerous violent incidents Joydeb decides to marry off Chaitali by force. At the last moment Ajoy arrives at that spot. Arun too arrives to save his uncle and aunt. Shekhar tries to molest Chaitali while she kills the debauch in self defence. Arun takes blame and voluntary goes to jail for 4 years. After getting released Ajoy and Arun come to Joydeb's house to take Tithi with them. There every single truth gets revealed. Joydeb and pisi (Arpita Baker) transform into good human beings and the misunderstanding ends finally. Ajoy and Chaitali re-unite after a long gap.


  • Arpita Becker--Pishi
  • Diganta Bagchi--


  • Producer: Subhash Chandra Goel
  • Music Director :Ashok Bhadra
  • Lyrics: Gautam Susmit
  • Screenplay :N. K. Salil
  • Dialogue :N. K. Salil
  • Cinematographer: Dev Rajan
  • Editor: Suresh
  • Action Director :Judo-Ramu



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