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Takoba (also Takuba or Takouba) is the sword used by the Tuareg that is usually about one meter in length. The Takoba has several notable features, including three or more hand-ground fuller grooves and a rounded point.

Takoba swords, like many iron implements of the Tuareg, have the handle covered in bronze or other material, as the Tuareg have an aversion to touching iron.

There is much debate as to whether the Takoba was used only by the imúšaɤ or warrior class or whether they could be borne by vassals.

As with most crafted items used by the Tuareg, Takoba are crafted by the ìnhædˤæn (singular énhædˤ) caste, who are of a different ethnicity from the imúšaɤ and use a secret language, Ténet. The ìnhædˤæn are often believed by the imúšaɤ to have magical powers, which some theorize to be connected with their traditional role as metalworkers and the imúšaɤ aversion to both metalworking and touching iron.

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